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Florida Cicerone Alumni Homepage

Did You Know?


How well do you know your Cicerone friends?

    Here are some Cicerone trivia questions of all shapes, sizes and kinds. Scroll down the page to find the answers.


    1. Which Cicerone was a 1998 High School Weightlifting Champ for the State of Florida?

    2. Which Cicerone went on to become a U.S. Congressman from Florida?

    3. What is Jack Ruenprapan's real first name?

    4. Which former Cicerone President served in the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan?

    5. What are "peeps" and who was known for using that term in Cicerone lore?

    6. Which Cicerone had the longest tenure of any person ever to belong to the organization?

    7. Which former Cicerone advisor was a former Cicerone herself?

    8. Which former Cicerone advisor tried out for Cicerones, but was not selected?

    9. Which Cicerone was nicknamed "Smiley"?

    10. How did the Purple Socks award originate?

    11. Which Cicerone intramural chairman lead the Cicerones to their only All-Campus Intramural Championship?

    12. Which Cicerone typically gave the invocation at Cicerone banquets for many years?

    13. Which championship Gator team did the Cicerones play an integral role in recruiting?

    14. How many people took Cicerone campus tours during the years 92/93, 93/94 and 94/95 respectively?

    15. What was special about the Camp Crystal Lake site of many Cicerone retreats?

    16. Which executive office has produced more Cicerone Presidents than any other since 1985?

    17. Which sorority has provided more Cicerones than any other Greek organization during the 1990s?

    18. Which Cicerone, during his unsuccessful run for Membership VP, had received endorsements from David Hasselhoff, Jenna Von Oy (of NBC's "Blossom") and Albert Einstein in his campaign ad in the Chronicle?

    19. Which Cicerone has given the most "pros" during Cicerone elections?

    20. Which former Cicerone now serves as a full voting member of the Alumni Association's Board of Directors?

    21. What is probably the most recognized Senior Class Gift that the Cicerones oversaw the construction of on campus?

    22. Which Cicerone served on more Selections Committees than any other?

    23. Which Cicerone EVP was known for starting each meeting with a (usually lame) joke of the meeting?

    24. What position with the university does each Cicerone President served in ex officio?

    25. What do Cicerones Laurel Moore, Ashley Svabek, Krissy Kerber, Nora Gane and Stacey Kauffman all have in common?

    26. Which two Cicerones have the most Z's in their names?

    27. Which former Cicerone officer shares a name with a famous Phillies third-baseman?

    28. Who was declared the unofficial winner of the legendary "Battle of the Pros" between Derek Bruce and Chris Nash during the Cicerone election in May of 1995?

    29. What are traditionally the two busiest months for campus tours at UF?

    30. Which Cicerone was nicknamed "Crabs" during high school after he gave a young lady with a certain hygenic problem a ride home from school?

    BONUS QUESTION: Which Cicerone is the only person ever to win the Shelton Bridges Most Barbed Award during two consecutive semesters?


    1. Sarah Gamble was the state champ in her weight class during her senior year at Dunedin High School.

    2. Adam Putnam's red head can be seen at the Capitol daily when Congress is in session.

    3. Prinya.

    4. Jocelyn Steiner.

    5. Peeps was used by former advisor, Willa Howard, to mean people. Willa is perhaps even more famous for her slow southern-drawl style greeting of "Hey, Baby."

    6. The answer is surprisingly not Derek Bruce or even Shelton Bridges. Greg Gravel holds the record for most years as a Cicerone during his time at UF when he acquired approximately 90 different degrees.

    7. Jilan Carroll, who served as advisor for only a year, prior to Ed Blue's tenure as advisor.

    8. Alison Williams.

    9. Former President Ken Deckinger was given the nickname for his rather large smile and gleaming white teeth.

    10. Legend has it that a certain Cicerone spotted a pair of purple socks hanging over the top bunk of a bed in one of the cabins at Camp Crystal Lake during a retreat and was able to determine which female Cicerone had made her way into the bunk of a certain male Cicerone. It was those two Cicerones that received the first Purple Socks award for their Spring Retreat hook-up.

    11. Chris "Hat" Hatfield led the Cicerones to victory on the athletic fields during his storied reign as Intramural Chairman.

    12. Derek Bruce has said grace more times than any other Cicerone at the Cicerone banquets.

    13. The members of the first women's soccer team recruits at UF were taken around campus at the request of Coach Becky Burleigh. To this day, Donald Bly, then the campus tour chairman, takes credit for their eventual national championship.

    14. The Cicerones showed 5,764 people the campus in 92/93, 7,792 in 93/94 and 8,028 in 94/95. In 96/97 they showed approximately 9,000 people the campus and topped 10,000 visitors in 98/99.

    15. Camp Crystal Lake shared its name with another camp famous in the movies for its hockey-masked psycho, Jason. While no one was ever murdered at "our" Camp Crystal Lake, there were some pretty scary hook-ups that occurred there.

    16. More Programming Vice Presidents have become President of the Cicerones than any other executive office. Since 1985, six PVP's have gone on to be elected President, three Membership VPs, one Executive VP, one Administration VP, one Alumni Affairs VP and four individuals who held no prior office have become President. Finance VP is the only executive board position never to have produced a future president.

    17. Kappa Alpha Theta has sent more members to the Cicerone ranks than any other Greek organization.

    18. Jeff "the Fish" Mapen.

    19. Derek Bruce, known for his deep voice, smooth delivery and charming presence, has given more "pros" than any other Cicerone.

    20. Terri Parnell, now of Tampa.

    21. The Gator Statue located near Century Tower and UMA, that was dedicated by President Lombardi by dousing it with "swamp water" from Lake Alice.

    22. Andy "The Fuss" Fussner served on four consecutive selection committees.

    23. Jason Alpert started each meeting out with a joke that would typically result in more groans than laughs at each Cicerone meeting during the 95/96 term.

    24. The currently serving Cicerone President is an ex officio member of the Alumni Association's Board of Directors (as is the current Student Body President).

    25. All of these "Chickerones" appeared in the Ladies of UF Calendar.

    26. Mitzi Hnizdil and Shannon Bizzell, each have 2 Z's in their names.

    27. Mike Schmidt.

    28. Oddly enough, neither Derek Bruce or Chris Nash was declared the unofficial winner. That title went to the previously unheralded Donald Bly, who wasn't even technically in the battle.

    29. April and August are typically the months when UF has the most visitors on its campus tours.

    30. Pat Connell was burdened with this unfortunate nickname - despite his assurances that he was "free and clean" of any little buggers down South.

    BONUS ANSWER: Marc Inglese has this dubious honor.

    If you have any questions to add, please send an email to the site administrator at Thank you.