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Florida Cicerone Alumni Homepage

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If you would like to visit one of these web sites without leaving the Florida Cicerone Alumni web site, right-click on the link to open a new window. Also, if you would like to submit a link or if you discover a "dead link" please inform the site administrator.

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Useful Web Sites If Searching For Someone

If You're Bored

  • - links to tons of fun sites on the web.
  • - getting ready for a little bundle of joy? use this site to help pick out a name.
  • Ask Men - a great site for men on the web (advice on career, women, fashion, drink of the day, joke of the day, model of the day).
  • Epinions - product reviews of all types.
  • SocialNet - make a friend or a love connection on the web.
  • Love @ AOL - find your one, true love (or a crazed stalker) via the Internet.
  • Organ Donation - information on organ donation - the gife of life.
  • Just a Tip - send "helpful" messages anonymously to your friends and co-workers (very funny).