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Florida Cicerone Alumni Homepage

Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 9

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

Here in Gainesville the semester is quickly winding to an end. In fact, I just finished my last exam yesterday. But before I head home for the holidays, we need one final Cicerone Alumni Update for 1998.

So without further delay - here are the latest updates ...

Cristina Cabrera is officially off the market fellas! That's right, Cristina got engaged at the end of November to Travis Godwin, a master's grad from UF, who's currently attending U. of Miami Law School. Cristina tells us they are planning on moving to Tampa after graduation. Lil' sis Deanna is pretty pumped up about the whole thing and has vowed to find herself her own man within one year's time. Congrats Cristina!

Also on the Kappa Alpha Theta front (who the heck let all of these Theta's into Cicerones?) - Amy Kinzel has made her way down to St. Petersburg (I like to call it Gods Waiting Room).

Remember crazy Kim Wright? She was engaged last July and is now living in Atlanta. (Editor's Note: How come it seems that only the Cicerone women are getting engaged?).

Ken Garcia writes to tell us that he has accepted a job as an account executive with Ruder Finn Public Relations in New York City. Ken says that fishing boat thing he did last summer was merely for pleasure and he's happy to be back in the rat race once again. By the way, Ken says in you're in NYC to give him a call at 212-650-1603.

Donald Bly has now finished the first of two semesters he'll be spending at the hell we like to call Univ of Georgia School of Law. Don tells me that the profs there aren't the best when it comes to tax law, but the tuition still beats the heck out of U. of Chicago (By the way Don, can you explain to me again how you're spending an entire year at UGA, but still getting your degree from Chicago?). Don is also currently organizing the 1st Annual Bay Pointe Alumni and Friends Golf Tournament - so those of you Cicerones from Seminole, Florida should be prepared for holiday excitement back home.

Brad Bondi is gearing up for the February bar exam and trying to get in shape for the Disney Marathon (I've seen Brad running and it doesn't look like it's going to pretty in Orlando on January 10th). Brad starts work in March at Hill, Ward and Henderson in Tampa before eventually moving on to clerk for the 11th Circuit (hello Montgomery, Alabama -- that may be worst than Alpert being stuck in Columbus, GA).


We held our annual holiday banquet last week and everyone had a great time, especially with the post-meal dancing. Rumor has it that Tim Barton puts the moves on Willa Howard and the two were seem slam dancing and booty grinding to the tunes of DJ Nick Cammarata.

Award winners included:

Outstanding Cicerone: Dave Hammerschmidt

Outstanding Chairperson: Nick Cammarata (The Chronicle)

Most Events: Jill Surrency

The Derek Bruce Most Enthusiastic Cicerone Award: Tim Barton

The Shelton Bridges Most Barbed Cicerone Award: Marc Inglese

Cicerone Scholarship Winners: Heather Newlin, Katie Thomas, Patrick Connell, Dave Schamus and Marc Inglese

We also said goodbye to the following graduating seniors: Daison Thomas, Brad Bondi, Sara Calltharp, Tracy Wise, Brian Schneider, Amy Brauner, Jen Miller, Jen Reinert, Carey Kosson, Deanna Cabrera, Shannon Domeier, Erik Zahnen, Jaime Marshall, Leslie Dresch and Jose Martinez (yes, he's finally graduated - and it only took 6 years).

Keep sending me your updates and email addresses of fellow Cicerone Alumni.

Take care and have a happy and safe holiday season and as always ...

Go Gators!

Andy Fussner

Florida Cicerones - President