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Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 8

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

First off, let's not talk about the FSU game. I was there and had a lot of fun in the first half, but the second pretty much stunk.

Second, the alumni list is now at over 70 former Cicerones (although some of you are still active Cicerones, but so old that I added you anyway!).

Please continue sending me your own personal updates, email address corrections, email addresses of other Cicerone Alumni, etc. Also, if you've missed some of the old updates, I can send you a combined file with all 7 previous updates included.

Now on with the update:

Kirsten Reed is no longer Kirsten Reed. She was recently married to Rhett Wilgers (with Teri Littlefield serving as maid of honor). Kirsten is in her second year of Optometry School at Nova Southeastern and will be starting to see patients soon!

Bettina Whelan was spotted at the FSU game and informs me that she's still working hard at the Atlanta office of Arthur Andersen as a CPA.

Christine Cover is looking for a roommate starting in January -- so if you're moving to Chicago give her a ring. She lives with another UF grad, Peyton Ernskins. (Apparently, the Cicerone Update is now also a classified ad service!).

Ali (Goldiez) Sasadu will be moving to Atlanta with her husband Brian, who is taking a job at the law firm of King and Spalding (soon to be the official Cicerone law firm with Don Bly, Rahul Patel, and others).

Tracie Hammersly dropped me a line saying that she's still enjoying New York, even if she can't always get the Gator games on T.V.

Sunshine Trueman is working for Target as a Human Resource Manager. She and fiancee, Scott, are planning on getting married on January 15th and then going to the Carribean for the honeymoon. Sunshine and Scott are living in Orlando, were Scott is working for the State Attorney's Office.

Dave Bly sent me an email saying that he and fellow Cicerone, Jen Reinert, are expecting twins, but have no plans to get married. They will be naming the little tykes Wayne and Paul in honor of the Alumni Association brass. Further, Dave plans on dropping out of law school in order to concentrate his efforts on a run for Florida Governor in 2002 with former wrestler Greg "The Hammer" Valentine as lieutenant governor. I'm pretty sure that Dave was pulling my leg with all of this, but with Dave - one can never be sure.


Dave Hammerschmidt was elected VP - Membership to replace the graduating Jaime Marshall. Rumor has it Jaime has been made 6 or 7 job offers, but doesn't like any of them because she's just not ready for corporate America (or maybe it's not ready for her!).

Ayesha Dixon, Marc Inglese, Cindy George and Tracy Wise were all named to Who's Who in American College Students and Mike Caborn, Shannon Domeier, Jocelyn Moore and yours truly were selected to UF's Hall of Fame.

In case you didn't hear, our very own Shannon Domeier was selected at the 1998 Homecoming Queen at Gator Growl.

The Selection Committee was also named at our last meeting of the semester. It consists of the officers [Andy Fussner, Jack Ruenprapan, Jen Villani, Dave Hammerschmidt, Mike Ray, and Gina Seibert], Rush Chair John Prible and general members Renee Baiorunos, Katie Weitzner, Tiffany Williams and Shawn Brinson.

Finally, the Cicerone team took first place in the Nike Campus Scavenger Hunt Run as a part of women's wellness week at UF. The team, which beat competition from around the campus including the women's track team, relied on its campus tour knowledge of campus to quickly solve the clues and take the shortest route despite not having the raw speed of many of the other teams.

Take care of yourselves and GO GATORS.

Andy Fussner

Florida Cicerones - President