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Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 7

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

Hello once again from Gainesville - can you almost taste the impending rematch with the Vols for the national title? I'm predicting UCLA will lose to Washington this weekend and next weekend Kansas St. stumbles at Missouri (and of course, we beat non-Weinke FSU).

Hopefully many of you will be in town this weekend for Homecoming festivities and the game. If you're near the Alumni Association on Friday from 3 PM to 5 PM - please stop by for the Alumni Assoc reception and say hey to Willa.

As always keep sending me those email addresses of former Cicerones and your own updates on what you've been up to. Now on with the updates....

BIG NEWS FLASH - CICERONE WEDDING IN THE WORKS Dave "The Bullet" Silvestain finally popped the question to Cori Strobel and apparently she was so shocked she said YES!. The dynamic duo hasn't set a firm date yet but look for them to tie the knot around May 2000. Congrats Cori and Dave. Next thing you know they'll be little Daves and Coris running around (a scary thought).

Meghan Mulholland is currently at Old Dominion University in Norfolk VA studying for her masters in Physical Therapy. She recently passed her National Athletic Trainers certification in April. Meghan tells us she misses being on the field with the Gators, especially Danny Wuerffel. She's also got a new email address: mmhul001@odu.ufl (those are zeros, not Os). Rumor has it Meghan misses me making fun of her on tours!

Kathy McNerney, another Kappa Alpha Theta, is in her second year of Medical School at USF. She has plans to be married in June to Eric Hall... Dr. Kathy Hall ... works for me. Kathy has been disappointed with the Tampa Bay Bucs play thus far and I must agree (UF Law Dog, Brad Culpepper, needs to step it up a bit I say). Kathy tells me her little sister will be trying out for Cicerones in the Spring - so watch out. The word on the street is that current Cicerone, Jack Ruenprapan, will do his best to see that the cute Rebecca McNerney will become a Cicerone.

Jennifer "Fussner's mentor" Hemingway has made her way to Washington D.C. and is working as a Legislative Assistant for Congressman Joe Scarborough (hope he got re-elected!). Jen is also attending George Washington University at night to get her masters in Public Administration (she graduates in 2000). Jen has had her share of DC boondoggles, including a recent trip to Taiwan - probably inspecting the Formosa Strait for Chinese warships no doubt.

On the current Cicerone front ...

Last Saturday was our Fall Retreat (aka Woodser) and everyone who went had a good time. We almost got Willa to do a keg stand when she made a brief appearance. Although we were unsuccessful at that, rumor has it she was spotted grind dancing with several of the boys.

The Kaplan scholarship was awarded to Angela Giancola, our current campus tour chair.

Speaking of tours, we haven't missed one all year, extending our streak from well into last year. I guess once we got Donald Bly out of that position - things just seemed to get better (j/k).

We also recently hosted our second annual Student-to-Student- Athlete Forum bringing together students and student-athletes. I got to meet the hottest soccer player ever - Heather Mitts - wowzers!! The Forum was a success and props go out to Tiffany Williams, who ran the event for us.

Our Holiday Banquet, on Dec 4th, will for the first time ever, allow Cicerones to bring a date and will feature dancing after the dinner and awards ceremony.

Finally, just this evening the Exec Board selected the members of the Selection Committee. John Prible, our Rush Chair, has promised we will eclipse last year's record turn out of 524 applications.

Go Gators!

Andy Fussner

Florida Cicerones - President