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Florida Cicerone Alumni Homepage

Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 6

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

Hey Former Cicerones, it's time for update number 6 as news of Cicerone Alumni continues to pour in from around the globe. Remember to send me your updates and email addresses of other former Cicerones. You'll notice we've got a few new names added to this week's update!

On with the update:

Teri Littlefield is employed as an environmental engineer with the consulting firm of Hartman & Associates in Orlando. Teri informs me that her office is very close to Church Street, so she has no problem making it to happy hour! Sorry though guys, Teri tells us that she's got a steady boyfriend in Orlando as well. Maybe Teri will introduce us to him when she's in town for Growl and Homecoming.

Shannon Bizzell is currently practicing corporate law with Kutak Rock in Atlanta and has been to every Gator game this season.

Rob Roeder is in his third year of law school at Emory Law in Atlanta and will graduate this May.

Brian Burgoon is shaking up the corporate world as an attorney in Atlanta with Sutherland Asbill & Brennan doing mergers and acquisitions work. Maybe we should get all of you Cicerone Atlanta attorneys together and form a new firm???

Ken Garcia has settled into a new place in NYC. He urges all Cicerones to give him a call at 212-650-1603 to discuss the poor performance of the Gator offense thus far this season.

Susan "The Crazed One" Delz recently returned from Frankfurt, Germany were she was working for the Frankfurt Economic Development Council. So if you need your dollars changed into Deutschemarks, give her a buzz!

Rebecca "Where the Hell is Scott Freeman" Szumkler recently left her position with the truly pathetic Miami, er Florida, Marlins and took a job with the PGA as a media relations assistant. Contrary to popular belief, Rebecca will not be in charge of buffing golf balls for Happy Gilmore.

And in current Cicerone news:

The Cicerones are gearing up for the 2nd Annual Fall Retreat at the Sleepy Hollow Ranch. Dancing, hayrides, and general frivolity are expected.

The membership also recently voted to increase the minimum GPA needed to apply to Cicerones from 2.25 to 2.5. Good news Shelton, it's not retro-active.

John Prible, our current Rush chair, has vowed to surpass last year's record number of applications (524) during our Rush process in January.

Campus Tour Chair Angela Giancola announced that we had not missed a single tour so far all semester and that our new Saturday campus tour program has been an unequivocal success.

Take care everyone, send me your updates and ...


Andy Fussner

Florida Cicerones - President