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Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 4

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

Hello again from Gainesville - the alumni list continues to grow. For those of you getting this for the first time - this is an email listing of Cicerone Alumni designed to keep everyone in touch and to provide Jason Alpert a forum for his poor jokes. If you would like copies of the first three emails that were sent out, please let me know.

Here's the update:

Derek Bruce - Recently took the Florida Bar Exam (no, not that bar exam Shelton!) and started work in employment law at Gray, Harris in Orlando. Derek will be making sure that all Disney employees comply with the strict dress code requirements, among other things.

Jonathan Kilman - Is currently attending law school in Cambridge, Mass and is married to Niva Hertz (a fellow Gator). He urges us to "send more Gators to Boston". Apparently he doesn't realize that it's just too darn cold up there for most of us.

Clint Malone and Ashley Moody - are both in attendance at UF's School of Law - why do all Cicerones become lawyers????

Elliott Throne - Has made his way to New York City and is working hard on staying a step ahead of the rat race there.

Emily Yasmer - is enjoying her first semester of dental school at UF and has achieved the honor of being appointed (and I am not making this up) Note Czar - a position in charge of getting dental students to compile class notes for fellow classmates. Note Czar today, world domination tomorrow!

In current Cicerone news ....

VP of Membership, Jaime Marshall, will be putting her acting and dancing talents to good use in the play "Cleopatra" at UF's Center for Performing Arts on Oct 2 and 3.

We have six ladies in this year's homecoming pageant - Michelle Peitz, Shannon Domeier, Danielle Damato, Ilisha Moore, Keren Davies, and Diana Alvear (the Cicerone rep).

The 2nd Annual Cicerone Woodser is now scheduled for November 7th, but again will be referred to as the "Fall Training Retreat" to avoid the appearance of any "questionable" activity.

Finally, Gators everyone are gearing up for the annual battle with the University of Tennessee Vols. The Gators seem to be pretty low key about the whole thing here in Gainesville and the absence of trash talking is fairly disappointing to all. Fussner's prediction: Gators 24, Tennessee 21.

That's all for now. Please send me any updates or email addresses of other former Cicerones who you think might enjoy this email list. Thanks again to Jason Alpert for getting the idea off of the ground.

Andy Fussner

Florida Cicerones - President