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Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 3

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

The Cicerone Email list continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

First, let me say this: Gators 49, Citadel 10. Generally, I have to say we looked okay, but there's plenty of room for improvement. My only question is this: If Citadel is an all male school, how did they get eight female cheerleaders? Well, now you can see where my mind was during the game.

Second, here's the official update compiled from emails I have received from many of you:

Susan Becker - currently a CPA at Arthur Andersen in Tampa is engaged to David Scott, a medical student at USF and a former Gator himself (good choice Susan). They are to be married on June 26th, 1999. Susan is also on the Board of the Tampa Gator Club - now that's the Gator spirit we like to see.

Jocelyn Steiner - former Cicerone President, is now serving in the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan (former Soviet Union for those of you who didn't pass Geography). She also has broken up with former boyfried Adam Wilczewski for the 9th time (I won the pool the last time by picking the closest date to the breakup).

Jason Alpert - is a sports reporter for a TV station in Columbus, GA - the heart of the enemy. Jason, while he has enjoyed covering NCAA football was not thrilled with his assignment to cover WWF Pro Wrestling, even though it trails only NASCAR as the sport of choice in his viewing area.

Cristina Cabrera - has returned to Villa d'Gaines to study in the MBA program after a stint working in Atlanta. Now, all I want to see is if she can get herself to a Cicerone meeting sometime this semester.

Ken Garcia - after graduating this year, spent the summer in Rhode Island helping with his brother's fishing business, hauling in some big ass fish. But he is moving on to bigger things, currently looking for a PR job in NYC.

Anna O'Neill and Stephanie Coffey - threw the mother of all parties in Atlanta. Rumor has it that the Atlanta authorities were called in to quiet things down after Anna got on a table and danced with a lamp shade on her head.

Kirsten Fanning and Amy Fann - UF Pharmacy Graduate students, are are in St. Pete doing their final year of rotations prior to graduation. Sources inform me that Fanning still swings a mean softball bat and is hanging out with retirees at Devil Ray games in St.Pete - aka God's waiting room. I also saw Amy Fann at the Gator game, yelled at her, but apparently she didn't feel the need to acknowledge my existence.

Dave Bly - is starting his second year of law school at UF and is currently in love with fellow Cicerone, Jen Reinert.

Monica Obesso - is back at UF for graduate work and was sited at the first Cicerone meeting.

Don Bly - is married to fellow Gator Holly Anderson and has moved to Atlanta for his last year of law school. While technically still a law student at U of Chicago - he will be taking classes at UGA in Athens. Frankly, nothing good can come of that. Don has also accepted a job upon graduation at King and Spalding - a large Atlanta firm - and will likely be doing tax law work.

In other news ....

October 10th is the official date for the dedication of the "bronze" gator that was the senior class gift from last year. It will go over by UMA and Turlington Hall and sources have informed me that it is one of the most hideous things ever to be placed on campus. Supposedly it looks nothing like the original drawings and will pale in comparison to the one now in place by the stadium.

Willa Howard and six other current Cicerones returned from the National SAA/SF meeting in Madison, Wisconsin and I am happy to report that no one, including Willa, was arrested.

Take care and keep sending me those updates and new email addresses when you get a chance.

Andy Fussner

Florida Cicerones - President