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Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 21
March 18, 2001

Dear Cicerones,

Well, a lot has happened to the Gators since I last did an update (I know it was a long time ago - but you get what you pay for). We've got a new head football coach in the crazed Ron Zook. I think he'll be alright. Unfortunately, both the men's and women's basketball teams took an early bow out of the NCAA tournament. But there has been a lot of news on the Cicerone Alumni front - plenty of marriages, a few babies, new jobs, etc. So without further ado, here is the 21st version of the Cicerone Alumni update...

JULIE IMANUEL is getting married! Julie Imanuel is getting married. Hank Brown is the lucky(?) guy and they will be wed on December 14, 2002. Julie tells me that she is very happy and her life will be perfect if she can just find a way out of the private practice of law.

SHANNON DOMEIER is also getting married! Shannon's fiance is Brent Sumerlin, a graduate from NC State and a native of Raleigh. They met on Spring Break 1998 on a cruise and have been together for the past three years. He is currently getting his PhD in Polymer Science at the University of Southern Mississippi (apparently, he's a smart one). Shannon is scheduled to graduate from FSU's School of Law in December. Brent and Shannon are to be wed on May 10, 2003. Imanuel and Domeier engaged - I'm pretty sure that's one of the signs of Armageddon (just teasing ladies). Congrats to both Julie and Shannon.

JASON ALPERT is now living in South Florida and working for the Sunshine Network. Jason is the primary South Florida reporter for Sunshine Network Live and Nextel Florida Sports News. Jason also hosts monthly Miami Dolphin specials and during the season will host Dave Wannstadt's weekly press conference live. No word on whether Jason's girlfriend from Tallahassee will be making the move to south Florida any time soon. In the meantime, Jason is looking for Cicerones in the area to hang out with. Drop him a line if you're down there.

DIANA ALVEAR is in Miami, but will be going to grad school in D.C. (University of Maryland College Park) in September to study journalism. Other than that Diana tells us she doesn't have much to report - "still dating someone, no kids, no pets, no drama!"

RENEE BAIORUNOS is still working for Ford in Boston. She mentioned something about being 6 months pregnant with Bill Ford's love child - but I'm pretty sure she was joking. Renee did host a little St. Paddy's Day party in Beantown where Cicerones Greg Dauphin, John Prible, Dave Bacon, Mike Ray, Liz Scott, Judd Schneider and Carrie Sullivan were scheduled to make appearances. Renee also tells us that she loves living in Boston.

SUSAN BECKER is getting married on July 13, 2002 to Brian McInnis, a fellow Gator (even a fellow Fisher School of Accounting graduate - as Susan says "just think of the beautifully cool children"). Susan and Brian also bought a house near the beach in Jacksonville. Congrats Susan!

LAURA BISHOP says she had a great time at a Preview Staff Reunion recently at UF where she saw fellow Cicerones Ali Dohrman, Brian Schneider and Hina Patel. Laura has also moved once again, this time leaving the Tar Heel State at the end of March and heading towards Atlanta. Laura says that because she moves so much she has taken up collecting license plates the way some people collect shot glasses. Needless to say, it's good to have Laura back in SEC Country.

DONALD BLY and his wife, Holly (also a Gator), recently had their second child - a daughter named Emma. She's quite a cutie-pie - so she must take after her mother. Big brother Davis reportedly has not noticed that he has a sister yet. I predict it will only be a matter of time before Donald has Davis and Emma pitted against each other in various baby Olympic events (and those of you who know Don understand what I am talking about).

CRISTINA CABRERA-GODWIN has a new job working for Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, a provider of decision support solutions for physicians. Her title is Project Manager and she is still working out of Tampa. Cristina also has a new email address. You can reach her at or

KEN DECKINGER is still living in NYC and is still making claims that Tracie Hammersley has a crush on him (despite convincing evidence otherwise). The company that Ken started, HurryDate, continues to expand. It is now in three countries and launching in another five! Sounds like you are doing great Smiley!

LESLIE DRESCH ALBERT has a new email address -

LAURIE EPSTEIN recently moved back to Vegas and much to Jack Ruenprapan's chagrin, did not become a stripper. She's been honing her skills in acting classes and has been enjoying outdoorsy stuff - hiking, biking and rockclimbing (I still can't picture Epstein rockclimbing). I'll just leave the rumor about Tim Barton in the rumor mill.

ANDY FUSSNER keeps plugging away with the American Heart Association, based out of St. Petersburg. He recently bought a house in nearby Seminole and closes on March 28th.

JILL FUSSNER is in graduate school at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville pursuing a doctorate in Audiology. Jill's boyfriend and fellow Gator alum, Jeremy Jordan, officially moved to the top of brother Andy's list when he secured free tickets for Andy to the UF-UT game last Fall (even if the outcome wasn't ideal).

KELLY GUST is now working for the UF Foundation as a Development Officer. She is (surprise, surprise) in charge of fundraising for the new office space dedicated for Cicerone use in the under-construction new Emerson Alumni Hall. She's got a goal of $50,000.00 to raise in support of the room - so don't be surprised if she calls you soon!

DAVID HAMMERSCHMIDT recently left lovely Mexico, er, El Paso, Texas for the good livin' in Clarksville, Tennessee, which is approximately 40 minutes northwest of Nashville (or as he puts it - "absolutely close enough for a night out looking for Vandy girls"). Dave is currently the 3rd Platoon Leader for Delta Battery, 2nd Battalion, 44th ADA for the 101st Airborne Division. Dave commands 20 men and about $100 million worth of various equipment. Dave is also scheduled to attend Air Assault school (think BlackHawk down he tells me).

WILLA HOWARD is still working for the Dental School at UF. No word on whether she is still driving the boys crazy with her relentless flirting.

MARC INGLESE is in his third year of medical school at UF, with one year to go until we can start calling him Dr. Marc. He will be pursuing a career in Dermatology. So if you have lots of ugly moles - set yourself up for an appointment with Inglese.

CRISTINA JIMENEZ is moving back to New York City from London on March 28th and will be looking for Cicerones to hang with and watch Gator games with.

BRAD JONES tells us that his life consists of working for WorldCom in Orlando, training for a Triathlon this June, going out and being a single 25 year old and doing some traveling to great American cities like Atlanta, Tampa and Jacksonville.

TERI LITTLEFIELD SHOEMAKER has a new email address - Teri has started a new job with another consulting firm, PBS&J, in February. She is a project manager with the Everglades Partners Joint Venture (EPJV) team. She is co-located with the Army Corps of Engineers in the Federal Building, downtown Jacksonville. She has been traveling to Ft. Lauderdale frequently to cover meetings and is very exited to be part of the Everglades restoration. Teri and her husband are building a house in St. John's County near the World Golf Village.

LIZ LEOTY is working for Congressman Kildee in D.C. However, Liz will be off to law school come the Fall. Liz has been accepted at Tulane, where she will likely go, but is still waiting to hear from UF.

JAIME MARSHALL is still at the House of Blues in Orlando and is dating a lawyer named Eddie who attended UF.

MELISSA MORLEY was engaged on December 1, 2001 and her wedding is set for August 2003! Melissa will be marrying Chris Anderson, a UF Alum from the class of 1997.

DAVE PETRILLI moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in January and bought a new house (as he says "a yard, a fence and all that good stuff"). Dave is living near a huge lake named Lake Norman, where his brother also lives. Dentist Dave is helping 3 other dentists open up a brand new high-tech practice in downtown Charlotte in March. Dave tells us that he is still getting use to the cooler weather and culture change in the Carolinas, but that overall his life is for the better! Dave also tells me that he is searching for Carolina cuties - so if you know any so can pass along Dave's new email address - - to them.

MIKE RAY is still living in Hoboken, New Jersey and working in NYC for Deutsch Advertising. Mike tells me that he was looking forward to St. Paddy's Day in Boston - I haven't heard if he made it back in one piece yet!

RACHEL ROSENTHAL is living and working in Winter Park, Colorado and loving life. She is working for The Children's Program and is instructing snowboarding classes. After the season she will be doing a five week road trip through the Northwest - starting in Utah, then northern California, up to Oregon and finally into Washington. Rachel will be going to Boulder to check out their PhD program in Audiology - with plans to go back to school in Fall of 2003. According to Greg Dauphin, Rachel has officially turned into a hippie.

JACK RUENPRAPAN continues to live the dream in Thailand. If you don't get Jack's weekly update from the land of Siam, you should request it from I'm hoping that he will put these emails together, along with some other commentary on life in Thailand, to make a travel book that only Jack could write. Unofficially, Jack states that he is "learning Muay Thai kickboxing at a Buddhist temple gym here in Thailand in order to someday teach this highly effective, potentially crippling, method of self-defense - the Art of Eight Limbs - to Westerners." Jack says that we're "talking the real deal, Holyfield, not that watered-down Tae-Bo shit." Keep up the good work Jack.

KRISTIN SIEGRIST recently finished a tough set of exams at USF's Med School and is on her way to being Dr. Siegrist.

ANGEL STEPHENS recently joined the ranks of the married Cicerones, as she was hitched on December 8, 2001. Congrats Angel!

KATHRYN SUNDSTROM recently finished her Ford training and is now a Customer Service Manager and Retail Marketing Manager for a market of dealers in lower Georgia. She is still living with Carrie Sullivan in Atlanta and Sunny's boyfriend and fellow Cicerone, David Bacon, moved to Atlanta in January. Sunny tells us that David is working as a Project Engineer for a major contracting company called Hardin. She and Carrie extend an invitation to anyone visiting Atlanta.

LEX TAYLOR will graduate from UF's law school next December. Lex has been named the new Gator Growl Producer for next year and promises that "it won't suck". Lex assures us that he didn't work on it last year and that's why he was picked for the position. Good luck Lex!

ADAM WILCZEWSKI is in his second semester at the Washington College of Law at American University. He is trying to start an "Accent-type" speakers' bureau there. Adam reports "no babies, no marriages and pretty much actually boring".

LAURA YLIJOKI graduated in May 1999, backpacked Europe for five weeks, moved back to Gainesville in August to live with her boyfriend and then left for flight attendant training for Delta in February 2000. After training Laura moved to New York City and have lived there ever since. Laura's still hot and heavy with boyfriend, Adam Maxwell, and tells that she runs into Gators all the time, including bumping into Jen Villani - at a Gator bar (not surprising). Laura and Adam are considering moving back to Florida once their lease is up (and not because they ran into Villani). Laura loves NYC, but misses the ocean and warm weather.


Current President Jade Pasayan says it has been an interesting year thus far for the Cicerones. The Fall Semester went well and at the Holiday Banquet, the following Cicerones were named award winners: Derek Bruce Most Enthusiastic - Stephanie Ducheine, Most Outstanding Committee Chair - Jessica DeBianchi, Most Valuable Cicerone - Erin O'Connell and Most Events - Alecia Bryan.

Spring Rush went well and the Cicerones took in 78 new members and Jade tells me that it looks like a good group. The Cicerone tradition of an overnight New Member Retreat returned this year and Cicerones old and new bonded as always! Olivia Pelc has reportedly brought the Mentor-Mentee program to a whole new level. Way to go Olivia!

If you are curious about what some of our current Cicerones are up to - you can check out their website (complete with pictures) at Enjoy.

Until later, take care and as always


Andrew Fussner

President, 1998/99