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Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 20

Dear Cicerones,

It is once again time for another Cicerone Alumni Update. If you havenít filled out your profile yet on the website, please take a minute and do so. Also, if you have any pictures that you would like to share with us, send them to and I will post them on the site.

Of course, the Gators are coming off yet another victory against the Georgia Bulldogs in Jacksonville. Just a few more years of victories and the series will be all even. I hope many of you made it up to Jax for the game. I also hope many of you will be making the trek to Gainesville for the Homecoming weekend.

KIMBERLY BLANCHARD just started her Master's degree program in Intercultural Relations at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA and is living in Boston's North End. Kim is still working during the day in the field of Immigration Law.

MEGHAN MULHOLLAND is still in Chicago and is getting ready for another winter. Meghan has a new email address. It is

LYNN CHANDLER is teaching 3rd grade in Atlanta and loves her job. Lynn made it to Auburn for the unfortunate Gator loss. Lynn also tells us that DIANA McCALL is engaged.

KRISTEN BIADA was engaged herself last March (reports her sister, Erin) on St. Patrick's Day to a West Point cadet, Tony Wills. Kristen is currently living in Highland Falls, NY and is working as a high school teacher.

SARAH GAMBLE is studying in Italy this Fall. She has also spent some time in Paris and around France.

ANGELA GIANCOLA is in her second year of med school at UF and is making phenomenal grades according to her friend SARAH RUMPF, who is in her second year of law school at UF and doing well. Sarah tells us that Angela is thinking about taking the dermatologist route.

KELLY GUST is working for the University of Florida Foundation as a Development Associate. She is enjoying her job and hopes to start taking graduate classes soon.

SARA CALLTHARP just graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with her Master's in Counseling Psychology. She spent the summer backpacking in Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia. She is now living in Boston and is currently job searching in the city.

PAUL SUPPLE is still hitting the books as a second year law student at Georgetown. He has been looking for a summer clerkship and informs me that his resume now contains the phrase "will work for debt payments." He says he sees fellow law student, JOCELYN STEINER, from time to time, but that she is always running late for whereever she is headed (maybe she just is trying to avoid you, Paul).

MIKE RAY is still working for Deutsch Advertising in New York doing web design, but recently moved to Hoboken, NJ (that's right, I said Hoboken), where he is rooming with a fellow Gator alum. He often contemplates what would have happened if the ill-fated John Prible-Sarah Rumpf romance had worked out. Mike was down in Jax for the Gator game - so hopefully many of you ran into him.

CHRIS ESPOSITO moved back east from Los Angeles to Miami. Chris' time in LA ended with the Midsummer Nights Dream Party at the Playboy Mansion. A picture of Hef and Chris was recently featured on the front page of the Gator Times Newspaper (Orange & Blue) in Gainesville along with an article about Chris being named Playboy College Rep of the year. Any he gives all of this up for Miami??? I don't get it. Chris is now the VP of Malaguti USA - which imports, promotes, and distributes a line of Italian motorcycles and scooters. Malaguti has been manufacturing motorscooters sicne 1930. Chris still makes it up to Gainesville on a regular basis to visit his sister and hit on her college friends (that's the Chris I know). Chris does note that the selection and "centrality" of women in the real world is definitely different from UF. Also, in the "It's a Small World" category, Chris' college and LA Roommate, Ian Kirby's older brother, Will, won the $500,000 prize on Big Brother 2.

JUDD SCHNEIDER is in Boston working for Standard & Poor's Corporate Value Consulting (as his division of PriceWaterHouseCoopers was acquired by S&P).

LARA MANN has now been in Orlando for over 4 months since getting a new job. She is a writer at an advertising agency in downtown Orlando and loves it. She lives on Lake Eola and spends her weekends with loverboy, Sean "It's Not A Rash" Connaughton.

ABI AUER was married on September 2nd to Craig Fagin, a fellow Gator. The wedding was in Cocoa Beach, FL and they spent two fabulous weeks in Hawaii on their honeymoon. Abi tells us that true to their Gator heritage, the groom's cake was decorated with fancy chocolate flowers on the outside, but had orange and blue layers in the inside.

RACHEL ROSENTHAL ended up not attending Columbia when the NYC Board of Education funding for her scholarship fell through. She spent some time traveling in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and then headed back to Florida. Now she is heading west to work at a ski lodge in either Lake Tahoe or Colorado (she'll be out there in November).

DAVID BISSONNETTE recently joined his family's company, Strategic Systems (, as their Director of Professional Services. The company is in Coral Springs, Florida and sells barcode and radio frequency systems to warehouses nationwide.

KATHRYN SUNDSTROM spent her summer in Orlando, but has now relocated to Atlanta to start her job with Ford. After testing out Carrie Sullivan as a roommate for a week, she has decided to stay a while!

KATIE TOWNSEND is enjoying life in Virginia. Katie has two other Department of Defense civilians that just graduated from UF in her Transportation Officer Basic course, along with some folks from other SEC schools - so she is looking forward to some trash talking this fall.

LIZ "THE BULLDOG" SCOTT moved to Virginia herself to complete her internship. She is living with her Uncle and Aunt and their psychotic dog, Mango (that's right, he's called Mango). Liz started her internship on September 4th at the INOVA Hospital in Alexandria. Liz says her boss is only 25 and she is really little and cute, so she's not intimidated by her - even if she does wear a hair net (sounds like Liz needs to introduce me to this gal -- minus the hairnet). Liz's internship lasts 10 months and after that her plans are up in the air. Word has it that she is still in love with the mysterious man named Zar, who is now working in the Pacific Northwest.

PHIL HARETOS recently took a job with Schonfeld Securities, a trading firm, in Boca Raton. Phil says to pass along his regards to everyone and tells us that his new job is like playing a video game (with real money) for a living - a scary thought, eh?

DON BLY tells us that he recently painted his garage, and that his wife is expecting their second child any day now. Don also asked me to pass along that his brother, DAVID BLY and Dave's wife, JEN REINERT, are expecting their first child, due in May - but by child Don means townhouse. On a further note, Don asked me to pass on this thought - "Til next week, keep reaching for the stars!"

ADAM WILCZEWSKI sent me this note - "I hate Contracts, but love the Washington College of Law. If anyone needs a place to stay in DC, they have one."

RAHUL PATEL passed along word the several New York Cicerones that I missed in my email - IAN LEAVENGOOD (of the upper east side Leavengoods), DAN FELGNER, SNEHAL PATEL and HINA PATEL - all made it through the recent horrible events with "nary a scratch." Rahul also reports that over the July 4th weekend, CHRIS NASH had his bachelor party in Las Vegas. Attending were Rahul, JACK KELLER, IAN LEAVENGOOD, DEREK BRUCE, JOHN SANGIOVANI and TAYLOR ROSE (all former Cicerones). Rahul advises buying stock in the entity that owns the Bellagio Hotel and Casino as they expect a material increase in their quarterly revenues as a direct result of their collective gambling losses.

CHRIS NASH was married in October in Charleston, South Carolina, to a young lady who attended the University of Alabama (please, no comments about her having all of her shots). Nash's groomsmen were RAHUL PATEL, JACK KELLER, IAN LEAVENGOOD, DEREK BRUCE and JOHN SANGIOVANI - an all signle, Cicerone line-up.

JILL FUSSNER is attending graduate school at the University of Tennessee studying Audiology. Although she is living on the corner of Phil Fulmer Way and Peyton Manning Blvd., she is adjusting to life in Knoxville and has found a few Gator friends to hang with on Saturdays. She recently endeared herself to her brother by securing two tickets for him to the UF-UT game in December.

MARC INGLESE is still in med school at UF and remains single (funny how those ladies haven't snatched the King of Barbs up yet, eh?). Marc did great on his Step 1 of the Medical Boards and has been involved in the Legislative aspect of medicine. He holds several students positions in the Florida Medical Association. Marc is considering going into dermatology or orthopaedic surgery.

ADAM PUTNAM is proud to announce that his wife Melissa had a baby girl on June 26th at 11:34 AM. Her name is Abigail Anna and they call her Abbie Anna, which was Adam's great-great grandmother's name. She was 8 lbs., 4 ozs. and 21 1/2 inches long. Needless to say, she has Adam's red hair. By the way, Adam, keep up the good work in Washington!

KEN DECKINGER tells us he is still living in NYC and that TRACIE HAMERSLEY still has a crush on him (sounds unlikely). Ken has been hanging out with fellow Cicerones, ELIZABETH BRAGDON, JESSICA GREEN, ALISON AIDLIN and MISSY HERNANDEZ (notice a trend here). Ken started a new company, called HurryDate,, about six months ago and has expanded it rapidly. They are operating in NYC, Boston, Toronto, South Florida, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago and London. It has been featured on several television shows this winter. Ken says that is bald head is still beautiful, reflecting a nice gleam from the sun.

SPENCER TOPP will be starting Med School next fall at USF - congrats Spencer! Rumor has it that he is still dating REBECCA MCNERNEY as well.

PAT CONNELL, while continuing his studies in Industrial Psychology at USF, has recently appeared in two community theatre performances - Cinderella and Carousel. No word yet on whether Pat will be headed to Broadway anytime soon.

RENEE BAIORUNOS is enjoying her job with Ford in Boston. She has been spending time in Michigan at Ford's training facility with buddy KATHRYN SUNDSTROM, who is working for Ford in Atlanta.

JEN VILLANI - oh where do I start? JEN is has been dating a Brit named Nicholas for "1 year, 3 months and 2 days" as of Ocotber 11, 2001. Apparently it started out as an "office fling" and blossomed into love (I will avoid the obvious copy machine joke here). Jen is still working at FCB in advertising in NYC. She is the account executive on the Starbucks and General Foods International Coffees accounts. Jen is hoping to go to Italy in December for a shoot. Jen and her boytoy are debating leaving NYC for London, Boston or LA (what happened to South Africa, Jen?), but will probably stay in NYC for another year and a half.

JASON ALPERT remains in Tallahassee working as a sports broadcaster. Apparently there is a longterm female friend in the picture. Narrowing in on a full year (a decade in Jason Alpert dating time) with this little lady. Before you know it, Alpert will have lost that bet to me.

JEANETTE ACHILLICH is working for a law firm in Tampa as a complaint and demand writer. She tells us that she basically cranks out personal injury forms for a living and isn't thrilled with it, but it pays the bills.

JOCELYN STEINER, as you know, left the Peace Corps and her temporary home in lovely Uzbekistan and started law school at Georgetown. In addition to her first year of law school, Jocelyn is working fulltime at a small law firm in DC. Jocelyn says she runs into Paul Supple, Adam Wilczewski and Jocelyn Moore from time to time. Steiner tells us that she is currently single, but not presently looking (sure).

JOCELYN MOORE is working in DC for a Congressman from Georgia and has been active in the DC Gator Alumni Club.

MELISSA MORLEY is working as a Public Relations Account Executive for Yesawich, Pepperdine & Brown, one of the nation's leading integrated marketing firms specializing in travel in tourism. Melissa is living in Orlando.

As for yours truly, ANDY FUSSNER, I've been traveling a great deal for work lately and hence have been a little slack on keeping up with the website. So for those of you who have recently submitted profiles and have wondered what the heck happened - give me a little more time. If any of you have some pictures that I can post, please email or mail them to me - thanks. Other than that I don't have much new to report. I did win the PowerBall Lotto and am dating Gwenyeth Paltrow, your standard ho-hum stuff. (Or maybe I just moved into a new "corner" office and went on three unsuccessful blind dates - either way). Hopefully I will see many of you up in Gainesville this weekend at Homecoming.


The Cicerone sponsored contestant, JENNY HAYES, made the Homecoming Court - stay tuned to see if she is named the Queen! Overall the Cicerones had 9 girls competing. KATE HONEY took home the Miss Congeniality Award and SHELLEY DEAUX took Miss Photogenic.

JADE PASAYAN is leading the Cicerones as President this semester and tells me that things are going well!

Until later, take care and as always Ö


Andrew Fussner

President, 1998/99