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Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 19

Dear Cicerones,

It is indeed time for another Cicerone Alumni Update – the first one provided exclusively online at the Cicerone Alumni Website. If you haven’t filled out your profile yet on the website, please take a minute and do so. Also, if you have any pictures that you would like to share with us, send them to and I will post them on the site.

ALI GOLDIEZ SASADU gave birth just last night to Noah Benjamin Sasadu at 11:52 p.m. He weighs 7 lbs. 6 ounces and is 21 inches long. Mom and baby are doing well. Pictures of the future Gator to appear in the scrapbook soon.

DANNY GILFARB will be joining the ranks of many other Cicerones in the legal business after starting law school at the University of Miami this August. Danny has spent the summer working for Elizabeth Arden doing marketing projects and he informs us that his Mom now has tons of makeup and perfume.

BRIAN POPE has begun his studies at the University of Georgia to work on his MBA. He promises to wear orange and blue to class everyday and antagonize as many Bulldogs as possible. He is counting on Julia Johnston to keep him in line.

JOHN PRIBLE recently finished up his graduate studies at UF, receiving his Master’s in International Business. John had spent the spring semester studying in Barcelona, Spain and then did a month-long hike across the 500 miles of Spain called the Camino de Santiago, which is an old medieval pilgrimage that is now something between a spiritual and adventure hike. John then went home for brief period of time in Tampa and just recently accepted a position with Congressman Jim Davis (D-Tampa) in Washington D.C.

BETH DUNGEY is working in Atlanta at the law firm of Long, Aldridge & Norman.

EMILY COUREY is in Washington D.C. working for the American Red Cross at its national headquarters as a Major Gifts Associate in its Development Department. Emily has really enjoyed working with the Red Cross and tells us that it does much, much more than just collect blood and respond to disasters.

PAUL SUPPLE is hitting the books hard at Georgetown Law School in Washington, D.C.

ALISON AIDLIN recently relocated to Manhattan and was staying temporarily with Tracie Hamersley while searching for a job. KEN DECKINGER reports that he spent the day with her in Central Park.

TIM COONS and SHAWN BRINSON have been trying their hardest to paint the town red while now being in a “Jack-free” Atlanta. Rumor has it they are down to the last 50 women in Atlanta.

NICOLE MALLO is working on her Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism at UF and is working at ROCK 104.

KATHY (MCNERNEY) HALL matched for a position in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (a.k.a. ENT) at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. First she does a year of general surgery before starting ENT. Kathy graduated from USF College of Medicine on May 11. She and husband Eric moved to Cleveland in the beginning of June. Eric is leaving Ruden, McClosky in Tampa to start work on his LLM in tax at Case Western. No comment on her failure to provide Andy Fussner with the phone number of her medical school buddy that she kept claiming she was going to set him up with (there goes my chance at a life of luxury as a doctor’s husband).

PAT CONNELL continues to pursue his Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology at USF and recently appeared in the musical production of Cinderella with a community theatre group at Clearwater’s Ruth Eckerd Hall.

REBECCA MCNERNEY and KATIE HULKE are working on their Master’s Degrees in Speech Pathology at USF.

SPENCER TOPP has been working in a lab at USF this summer and will be starting medical school at USF (when he’s not smooching Rebecca).

SHELTON BRIDGES was recently promoted to the Felony Division at the Hillsborough County Public Defender’s Office and is anxiously awaiting the beginning of Gator football season.

CHRISTINE MARLEWSKI was spotted taking the Florida Bar this July and prompting celebrating afterward with good buddy JULIE IMANUEL, who’s been working in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department of the law firm of Shumaker Loop in Tampa, FL.

JASON ALPERT is still broadcasting sports from the heart of the enemy in Tallahassee. Despite his constant arguments against such an idea, he does have what everyone else on the planet would call a girlfriend. Of course, this hasn’t stopped him from repeatedly voting for himself as “Most Eligible Bachelor” in preparation for his 10-year high school reunion.

DAVID HAMMERSCHMIDT is attending the Air Defense Artillery Officer Basic Course at Ft. Bliss, TX until November. After that he will attend the SHORAD (Short Range Air Defense) Officer Qualification Course. After that he will attend the United States Army Ranger Course to become an Airborne Ranger. Finally, after that Dave will be assigned to the 5th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, attached to the 2nd Infantry Division, Camp Stanley, Korea. Try not to shot yourself in the foot Hammer.

DAVID BLY and wife JEN (REINERT) BLY are building a new house in Colorado and Dave tells us that he is still pointing to 2002 for his debut in the Winter X Games.

KATHRYN SUNDSTROM is moving to Atlanta and will be rooming with her old buddy, CARRIE SULLIVAN. Kathryn will be working for Ford when she gets to Atlanta. Over the summer, however, Kathryn spent her time in Orlando and has been dating fellow Cicerone, DAVID BACON.

CARLA FISK is the latest of the Chickerones to get engaged (she was asked while on vacation in the Keys). She and he new beau (unfortunately, he’s an Auburn Tiger) are planning on tying the knot in the May in Tampa next year. In the meantime, they are living in Birmingham, AL where Carla is working as a Special Events Coordinator for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

JEFF MAPEN in his own words: I start another semester of law school at UF in the fall, but in the meantime, I've returned to my "roots" in Newtown, CT (the birthplace of Scrabble) to reassert my once-dominant name on the middle school playground basketball courts. Those middle school kids sure are taller than I remember, but after all was said and done, they knew what was up.

DAVID PETRILLI, is taking his dental boards in North Carolina in September. He is tentatively moving to Charlotte where he plans to buy into a dental practice. (P.S. Dave – I don’t think Mama Petrilli would appreciate you calling me “toolboy” in your email!)

AMBER BARD is beginning work on her Master’s Degree in Architecture at Princeton University. She is accepting scholarships from any Cicerones interested in helping her out!

SHANNON BIZZELL is getting married this weekend in Tampa to Lockwood Gray, a fellow Gator Grad. Christina Cabrera Godwin, Jennifer Hemingway and Whitney Fuller Marston are in the wedding and such infamous Cicerone alums like Derek Bruce, Chris Nash, Rahul Patel and Brian Burgoon among others were rumored to make an appearance.

JENNIFER HEMINGWAY is getting married September 1st in Atlanta. Shannon Bizzell and Whitney Fuller Marston are both in the wedding. Jennifer is marrying a fellow she met while working on The Hill in D.C.

DON BLY’s wife, Holly, is expecting their second child in November. It’s a little girl and they are accepting suggestions for names the last I heard. I’m thinking Willa Bly would be nice (and perhaps ironic as it would be a Willa causing Donald headaches rather than the other way around).

LIZ YEU is in her third year of Medical School at UF and is currently in her Pediatrics Rotation.

MALISA CHOKSHI is working for Deloitte Consulting.

JOCELYN CARGILE is working as an attorney in Philadelphia and tells us that because her cell phone was stolen she now feels like a real Philadelphian. She also asks for our prayers that her Civic not get stolen as well!

JOCELYN MOORE is working for Senator Bob Graham in Washington D.C.

CHRIS ESPOSITO, LAURIE EPSTEIN and a now lonely because her boyfriend moved to Asia LISA WESEMAN are all living and working in Los Angeles. Laurie is pursuing a professional career in acting. No major breakthroughs yet. lots of auditioning, lots of non-paid work (i.e. student films, independent film, theater companies) She is training at an acting studio and auditioning during the days and working at the Improv Comedy Club to pay the bills at night.

AMY FANN just moved back to Gainesville after finishing her two years of residency training at UNC Chapel Hill. She has a position at Shands at UF as a pharmacy specialist in organ transplantation. She is living out at Haile Plantation - The Links at Haile, and says welcome any old Cicerones who would like to crash at my place when they come to Gator Games.

BRENT JONES is still in Baltimore covering the Ravens for the Baltimore Sun.

TIFFANY WILLIAMS is in her second and final year of physical therapy grad school at USF. Rumor has it Brent Jones is lobbying hard for her to come to Baltimore or Washington D.C. upon her graduation.

ADAM WILCZEWSKI spent the summer as a fundraiser for the Diocese of Raleigh in Raleigh, North Carolina. This fall, while not pining away for Jocelyn Steiner, he will start law school at American University in Washington D.C.

LYNN CHANDLER recently graduated with her Master’s Degree in Education and is making the move to Atlanta. She is going to be teaching elementary school in Fulton County (3rd grade at Northwood Elementary in Roswell, GA). Lynn, always ready for a party, is looking for some Cicerones to hang out in Buckhead with.

ELLIOTT THRONE has “traded” securities for real estate, as he has left Morgan Stanley’s Fixed Income Division in New York and is now working as an analyst for the mortgage banking firm Holliday, Fenoglio, Fowler in Boca Raton, FL. Elliott, quoting Jose Martinez, says that Boca Raton is great if you like the beach, fishing, shuffleboard and sugar mamas.

JACK RUENPRAPAN has moved to Bangkok, Thailand (no joke) in pursuit of fame, glory and VD. Jack has been living with relatives, taking in Thai culture, finding out about his heritage, eating lots of spicy foods, learning to read Thai (he could already speak it to a degree) and is generally keeping “it real” overseas. To subscribe to the Jack Jumblies Updates, drop him a line at I guarantee they are full of interesting information and will having you laughing for hours. I will also include Jack’s recent update in his own words: Jack Ruenprapan is in Thailand conducting independent genealogical, culinary, and linguisticological research. His work will include delving into the epistemology of Thai culture, an olfactory assessment of local blooming flora and owner-operation of a roadside food stand.

JAIME MARSHALL, CAREY KOSSON and BRENDA JOHNSON all competed in the July 15th Clarmont Sprint Triathlon. Carey Kosson finished in 2nd place.

LIZ SCOTT is spending the summer in Sarasota, although she did take a trip to Alaska. Liz is currently debating whether or not to head up to Washington D.C. for an internship or to stay in the Tampa Bay area to start her career.

KRISTIN SIEGRIST, will be starting her second year of medical school at USF, but was able to kick back and relax some this summer during her trip to Europe.

EMILY YASMER is still “drillin’ and fillin’” at UF’s dental school and will be starting her final year this Fall.

Recently retired Cicerone President, RENEE BAIORUNOS, just got back from a jaunt around Europe and is spending some time with her family in Virginia before heading to Boston to start her job with Ford.

Speaking of former Presidents, JOCELYN STEINER recently returned from 3 months in Ireland where she lived with her sister’s family, worked for an IT recruitment firm and spent her time “getting pissed” (drunk for you non-Irish). Jocelyn is starting law school on September 4th at Georgetown University.

Jocelyn tells us that ANGELA WHITLOCK is still working for Procter and Gamble and has recently gotten engaged.

KATIE TOWNSEND graduated from UF this summer with an MS in geography. Now she is off to Virginia. She received her commission as a 2nd LT (August 11, 2000) in the Army, and is starting the Transportation Officer Basic Course at Ft. Eustis, VA this fall. Katie also finished her track eligibility this spring and finished the year ranked 3rd on the UF all time list in the hammer throw and 10th in the discus throw.

TIM BARTON has spent the last three months in a variety of places. During May, he moved into his parents’ basement and was working as a substitute teacher at his former high school for minimum wage. This lead Tim to the bottle and he reports that he has gained over 115 lbs. – but not too worry ladies, it’s not all gut. His new book, due to be published in over eight languages, “Love and Lust From Behind the Binoculars,” is coming out in the next few weeks, He’ll be conducting book signings at Books-a-Million throughout the state. In his spare time, he enjoys riding the Gainesville RTS system for free, while flashing a revoked UF student ID. After that brief, yet ugly, period, Tim moved to Washington D.C. (now rivaling Atlanta for leading destination of former Cicerones) and became a waiter that spends most of his time flirting with cute customers.

RACHEL ROSENTHAL has spent the summer working at a summer camp in Pennsylvania, but will be starting graduate education school at Columbia on September 1st.

ANDY FUSSNER, who has been working for the American Heart Association as Director of Planned Giving and in-house legal counsel for Florida, was recently given a promotion and was put in charge of Bequest Administration for the state in addition to his other duties.


Newly installed President, Jade Pasayan, has been keeping me posted on tentative plans to have some type of Cicerone Reunion at a Gator football game this season. I’ll keep you all posted when we get some more details.

Other than that, it has been a quiet summer in Gainesville, with Cicerones continuing doing tours in the mid-day heat. Construction has begun on a new Alumni building, Emerson Hall.

Additionally, if someone has a list of the committee chairs during David Hammerschmidt’s reign as President (1999/2000), I would appreciate it if you would forward it to me, so that I can update the website.

If any of you are ever in the Tampa/St. Pete area, look me up and we’ll throw back a beer for old times. Until later, take care and as always …


Andrew Fussner

President, 1998/99