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Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 18

Dear Cicerones,

I know, I know. It's been four months since the last time I sent out an update - but hey, I'm a busy guy. I apologize if some of these updates are no longer current - I received many of them back in January after I sent out my last Alumni Update. Well, the wait is over because here is the 18th edition of the Cicerone Alumni Update.


JASON ALPERT, former EVP, is now broadcasting sports for the CBS station in Tallahassee. He's also doing freelance work for Fox Sports Florida - so check your local listings and watch the Florida Sports Report. Recently at a friend's wedding, Alpert was spotted "checking in" via cell phone with an unnamed female - although he denies all reports that he has a "girlfriend".

JOSE MARTINEZ is living in Vero Beach and practicing civil engineering (I hope he's not just "practicing" on any bridges I'm driving on). Jose says that Vero Beach is great if you are into "the beach, fishing, shuffleboard and sugar mamas." He says he is lucky though because many of his co-workers are Gators. Jose will be traveling out to Spain soon to visit his buddy BLANE BACHELOR (who recently quit her job in Dallas and moved to Spain to teach English and to do freelance journalism work). And on another note, Jose is still taking credit (deservedly so) for interviewing yours truly when I got into Cicerones! Thanks, Jose.

JACK RUENPRAPAN, former EVP and Cicerone Stud Poster Boy, is moving to Thailand to try his hand in the entertainment business. Contrary to popular belief he will NOT be doing adult films subtitled in English. Jack takes off in June - so be sure and give him a call before he leaves for the Far East.

LISA WESEMAN, Jack's gal pal, is moving as well. She's headed out to Los Angeles to find fame and glory, but is already missing Jack (and in Jack's own words - my buff body).

LAURA BISHOP joins the ranks of Cicerones on the move as she has left Texas and moved to Raleigh, North Carolina.

JEN VILLANI, former PVP, is still in New York working for Foote, Cone & Belding. She is also studying at the School of Visual Arts in NYC to become a copywriter. After completing her studies Jen hopes to move to either London or Cape Town, South Africa depending on the agency she is with.

EDEN HEILMAN is in New Orleans working at Tulane and last I had heard was applying to graduate school to get her masters in social work. In January she was named the New Orleans Gator Club President. Nice work Eden. She also asked me to give a "shout out" to her lil bro Greg Dauphin and her big bro Derek Bruce.

JULIE IMANUEL, former MVP, is living in Tampa and working at the law firm of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick. She is working in the area of corporate law - mergers & acquisitions and securities law. Julie has been doing a little acting on the side - which frankly is not shocking. I caught up with Jules for lunch awhile back and she tells me she is still looking for that right guy (Ed. note: Jason Alpert is not that guy.)

TODD AIDMAN, former AVP, was married in April to Jennifer Permuy, who is a consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Todd is practicing labor and employment law with Ford and Harrison in Tampa. Congrats also go out to Todd for being named one of the top 40 businessmen under 40 by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

HEATHER NEWLIN is still in Gainesville and will be starting med school soon at UF, but for now she is just enjoying life in Gainesville.

EMILY COUREY is in Washington DC working for the Red Cross and is having a great time in the city.

ALISON AIDLIN is in Atlanta and is the branding manager for Lord, Aeck & Sargent Architecture. Now I am not sure what a "branding manager" does, but knowing Aidlin it probably involves a branding iron and seven or eight well-built men. Alison tells us that she ran into JULIE KERWIN at a party and now refers to her as the "traitor who defected to FSU." Now in Julie's defense I know that she will always be a rabid Gator fan!

LESLIE (DRESCH) ALBERT is in Nashville with her husband Gerrit. She is working as a recruiter for Vanderbilt Business School and Gerrit is getting his MBA there. Leslie says to give her a ring if you're looking to get your MBA at Vandy because she works with two former UF MBA School employees (apparently UF has taken over the Vandy MBA program).

TIM NADDY was married last July to Leslie's old roomie, Jennifer Tischler and have moved to the Tampa Bay area (in fact, they live in my apartment complex). Tim is an accountant for Arthur Andersen and his wife is a nurse (Ed. note: Have Tim's wife set me up with a hottie, single nurse).

Derek Bruce informs us that SUSAN KENNEDY is engaged and will be marrying a Jacksonville area doctor named Craig Curtis. Word is that Craig asked Susan out in the checkout line at a PetSmart.

MARK STEVENS moved from Tampa several months ago and is living in Manhattan and is still working for Deloitte & Touche.

DAVE SILVESTAIN and wife, CORI (STROBEL) SILVESTAIN report that life is going well for both, but that they don't have much new to report. Hmm, sounds like its time to get Cori pregnant Dave, so we have some news for the next update.

AMY FANN (who thinks I don't remember her - but I do) lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is a pharmacy resident in organ transplantation at UNC Hospitals. She will finish up her residency in July and has been jobs hunting (I'm betting she has a job by now though).

SHANNON BIZZELL, as previously reported, is getting married in Tampa on July 28th. JEN HEMINGWAY, CHRISTINA (CABRERA) GODWIN and WHITEY (FULLER) MARSTON are all bridesmaids.

JEN HEMINGWAY is living up in DC still working for a congressman from Florida and is getting married herself on September 8th in Atlanta.

WHITEY (FULLER) MARTSON was married on February 17th to an FSU Seminole!! She and her new hubby (soon to be converted to a Gator I hope) are living in Tallahassee and Whitney is a Pharmaceutical Rep for Astra Zeneca Pharmaceutical.

BRIAN POPE is living in Atlanta and is also a pharmaceutical rep.

SUSAN BECKER is now living in Jacksonville and is still working as an accountant for Arthur Andersen.

SCOTT COFFEY left his old law firm and joined the West Palm Beach office of Steel, Hector & Davis, LLP. He practices in the area of Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions.

Speaking of lawyers on the move, ED CARLSTEDT is now with the Tampa law firm of Trenam Kemker. Ed and his wife, Jennifer Wilson Carlstedt, have a one-year old son named Wilson Edward Carlstedt.

ALI (GOLDIEZ) SASADU and her husband, Brian, are expecting a baby this summer. Ali says it will certainly be a Gator and she is already prepping the baby in the womb for the Cicerone interview.

BETTINA WHELAN was married December and is in her second semester of MBA school at Harvard University.

CRISTINA JIMENEZ is practicing law in London and spotted fellow Cicerone lawyer, Rahul Patel, as he was passing through in March.

ANDY FUSSNER, former President, is still enjoying his job as in-house counsel and Director of Planned Giving for the American Heart Association's Florida Affiliate. He was recently put in charge of Bequest Administration as well, but despite the AHA's 9 to 1 female to male ratio, he still has not found a long term girlfriend!

DAVE BLY and JEN (REINERT) BLY tied the knot in March in Stuart, Florida. They now live in Denver, Colorado - where Dave works for an energy consortium and Jen practices physical therapy. DON BLY, the best man, was spotted at the wedding with his wife and young son. However, after a few drinks and a solo performance on the dance floor to Britney Spears' "Oops, I Did It Again," he was put in "time-out" by wife, Holly. JAIME MARSHALL was the maid of honor. Other spotted Cicerones included CAREY KOSSON, ASHLEY SVABEK and CRISTEN CRAGER.

JODI (VERDICCHIO) CHAMPNEY was also married in March in Seminole, Florida to Mark Champney, an engineer from Georgia Tech. Jodi and Mark live in Atlanta. Spotted at the wedding were bridesmaids KRISTEN FANNING and MEGHAN MULHOLLAND, as well as several Cicerone guests including JASON ALPERT and ANDY FUSSNER (who were unsuccessful in their attempt to party with a couple of 20 year old girls they met in the parking lot after the wedding).

PAT CONNELL and roommate, REBECCA MCNERNEY, both finished up their first year of graduate school at USF in Tampa. Reportedly wedding bells are in store for Rebecca with fellow Cicerone, SPENCER TOPP, who will be moving to Tampa this summer. (Isn't it great to see so many Cicerone marriages - I think there are over 15 now).

ASHLEY SVABEK is working in St. Petersburg as an advertising rep for Clear Channel Communications, a radio consortium. Ashley also made a brief appearance on the morning 98 Rock radio show hosted by "Bubba the Love Sponge."

GREG DAUPHIN is still working for a Johnson and Johnson company, Ethicon, where he is a wound closure specialist for a territory spanning from Gainesville to South Georgia. Greg was scheduled to move to Jacksonville by the end of May and he ensures me that he is still "an American badass."

RENEE BAIORUNOS, former President, graduated in May as is headed to working in advertising in Boston after spending the summer traveling over Europe.

KRISTIN SIEGRIST is finishing up her first year of medical school at USF in Tampa and is also planning a trip across Europe this summer.

Speaking of medical school, MARC INGLESE informs me that he and fellow Cicerone med students, ANGELA GIANCOLA and CHRISSY MITCHELL are all doing well at UF's med school.

CARLA FISK is working as the Director of Sales for a company called Floral Expositions. They provide plants and floral arrangements for trade shows around the US. Carla tells us that she loves her new job and is enjoying living in Orlando.

MAEGEN PEEK is still in law school at UF and will be interning this summer in Tampa with the law firm of Holland and Knight.

DAVE PETRILLI is currently in private dental practice with his brother in Orlando "drillin' and fillin'" Dave has been dating a girl named Krystin for over a year and a half and has future plans of marriage (Ed. note: Dave, didn't Mama Petrilli tell you to watch out for those women.) Dave is considering packing up with his dog, Cooper, and moving to NC to practice dentistry - in order to get away from all the Florida tourists.

JOCELYN STEINER, former President, left the Peace Corps on October 18th and proceeded to travel to India, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam and Thailand. She arrived back in the US of A on December 16, 2000. It was Jocelyn's first time back in America after nearly 2 and 1/2 years and in that time she had completely circled the earth. Jocelyn also moved to Dublin, Ireland in February to help her sister with her young children while waiting for law school to start. Jocelyn will be attending Georgetown Law School this Fall.

SEAN CONNAUGHTON graduated in May from UF and will continue on with his studies in archaeology in his attempt to become the real life Indiana Jones. He and fellow Cicerone, LARA MANN are still hot and heavy for each other.

JEFF MAPEN completed his first year at UF law school and SARAH RUMPF completed her first semester at UF law school.

DAVE HAMMERSCHMIDT, former President, also graduated this May from UF and has begun his career in the U.S. Army (motto: the sweetest smelling Army in the world). This summer he will be working as a recruiter on UF's campus until further assignment - thereby allowing him some more time with his current Cicerone sweetie, JEN DICKS. (Ed. note: this is Dave's third consecutive long term girlfriend that is a Cicerone - way to keep it in the family, Dave).


The Cicerones finished yet another successful year, this time under the excellent leadership of Renee Baiorunos. The Cicerones had yet another new advisor this semester, as Michelle Lovell took over for Alison Williams, who left for a job in Orlando. On the it's a small world note, current graduating Cicerone, Lauren Solanas, actually was the owner of Michelle's ID after she turned 21.

Renee and the rest of the Executive Board presented numerous awards at the Spring Banquet. Here's a summary:

Most Events - Ari Luxenberg

Best Committee Chair - Katie Tischler

Best New Cicerone - Jessica DeBianchi

Derek Bruce Most Enthusiastic Cicerone - Lara Mann

Most Valuable Cicerone - Jen Dicks

Top Tour Guides - Ari Luxenberg, Harry Kurtz, Nicole Mallo, Blair Graham, Dave Hammerschmidt, Jen Dicks, Min Cho, Suresh Vattamatam, J.R. Tanghal, Katie Tischler, Brian Roof and Kristen Biada.

Four Cicerones - Mike Massari, Blair Graham, Allison Twombly and Coulla Price - won a UF campaign competition sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. They went to NJ to compete on the national level (I'll let you know how they did when I find out).

Continuing a new tradition started last year, three graduating Cicerones were inducted into the "Cicerone Hall of Fame" for their outstanding contributions to the organization (as selected by the incoming Executive Board). They were David Hammerschmidt, Samer Jaber and Renee Baiorunos. Last year's initial recipients were Gina Seibert, Mike Ray and Pat Connell. In addition to these three individuals, four "old timers" were selected to the Cicerone Hall of Fame. They were Derek Bruce, Shelton Bridges, Andy Fussner and Jack Ruenprapan. These four former Cicerones were honored at the Spring Banquet along with the current inductees. Renee Baiorunos, the outgoing Cicerone president, decided that there were many deserving Cicerone Alumni that should be in the HOF and the current Cicerones plan on inducting two to four outstanding Cicerone Alumni each year in the future.

The new Executive Board was also installed at the Spring Banquet. They are:

President - Jade Pasayan

EVP - Natalie Gonzalez

PVP - Ari Luxenberg

MVP - Cecily McLoud

FVP - Peter Chung

AVP - Mike Pitt

I was able to meet with the new board at the banquet and I think it is another outstanding group to lead the Cicerones throughout next year. Jade Pasayan will have a tough time following in Renee's footsteps, but she is up to the task (although on a side note, Jade is working on the record for number of Cicerone males kissed according to the word on the street).


Do you know where these Cicerones are? If so, drop me a line and send me their email address so we can add them to our list.

1. Amy Brauner

2. Jen Miller

3. Beth Dungey

4. Liana Sucar

5. Mitsy Hnizdil

Please send me your updates from time to time as you get a chance. I'd like to say that I will get the next update out sooner, but I know better than to promise that. Stay in touch, look me up if you are in the Tampa Bay area and have a safe summer.

And as always...... GO GATORS!

Andrew Fussner

President, 1998/99