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Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 17

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

Ah, yes, it is once again time for another update -- and this one is filled with lots of news. I want to thank all of you for sending me your updates and for updating many of our members email addresses. As always, if you would like a copy of any of the previous updates, please let me know. Further, if you know of any other Cicerone Alumni that would like to receive these updates, please let me know.

Now on with the updates ....


DAVID BISSONNETTE is working in Atlanta as a consulting practice manager at a business to business software company called CoreCommerce.

Dave also informs us that KIM BLANCHARD has run the Berlin Marathon in September. Way to go (26.2 miles in fact) Kim!

JODI VERDICCHIO is soon to be Jodi Champney as she is set to be wed in March in Seminole, Florida. Rumor has it that Kirsten Fanning and Meghan Mulholland, among others, will be in attendance. Little does Jodi know that I am planning on singing a moving rendition of "Endless Love" at the reception after leading the crowd in a round of "We Are the Boys." Jodi and soon-to-be husband Marc (an engineer from Ga. Tech) will continue to live in Atlanta after their day of wedded bliss.

CORRECTION: My apologies go out to CARRIE SULLIVAN, whose career I misidentified in the last update. The official, correct version is that Carrie is working for a marketing (not a P.R.) company in Atlanta called MarketSource. Hope that sets the ready straight, Carrie - I'd hate to be on your "bad" side.

JILL FUSSNER just finished up her first semester of graduate school in Audiology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a 4.0 GPA. However, Jill has decided to transfer to the program at the University of Tennessee starting next Fall. Unfortunately, the Audiology department is located directly in Neyland Stadium. Maybe Jill can scout the Vols for us and send Coach Spurrier some plays next year.

JILL SURRENCY is working on her Masters of Public Health at the University of Florida. She is also teaching a class at UF and working at the Planned Parenthood clinic to fund her schooling. Jill still hangs out with many of her Cicerone friends and lives with current Cicerone, Kelly Gust.

DAVID BLY and JEN REINERT are quickly hurdling toward their wedding date in March. They have just recently moved to Denver, Colorado and are "kickin' it mile high style". Dave is working for an energy trading firm and is "training for next year's ESPN Winter X-Games." Prior to this he informs me that he was playing second-string middle linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars (prior to the move I guess) and was "number 59 on the field, but number 1 in your heart." Jen says that they have a great view from their condo and that she is looking forward to winter sports. Dave also informs me that in the rumor category he has heard that "Don Bly was actively campaigning to have Charles Grapski appoint to the new G.W. Bush cabinet." I'll let you all figure out how much of this Dave was pulling our legs on.

Speaking of Blys, DONALD BLY and his wife, Holly, recently had a little baby boy named Davis Ryan Bly. He's as cute as a button and luckily takes after his mother in the looks department. Daddy Donald is enjoying his days of fatherhood and is keeping busy by sprucing up his house when the law business is slow.

Former advisor, WILLA HOWARD, is working for the UF Dental School and is officially "on the prowl" now. So look out Tim Barton - because the last time I saw you and Willa on the dance floor - there was some serious grinding going on. [That is unless Willa has her eyes on Wayne McDaniel - hahaha!]

ADAM WILCZEWSKI is working with Voter.Com in Washington D.C. He is planning on attending American Law School in the Fall to pursue a joint JD/MBA degree in International Law/Affairs. Adam also tells us that he and Emily Courey have been participating in the Greater D.C. Gator Alumni Club (Adam is a Board Member).

TODD HINGSON is working for an employment law firm in Jacksonville named Coffman, Coleman, Andrews & Grogan. And as reported in the last update, his wife, ANGIE FOISTER HINGSON is working at the Florida Coastal School of Law.

Several Cicerones were spotted at the big Atlanta New Year's Eve bash - the Party in the Park. I spotted TIM COONS, SHAWN BRINSON, JACK RUENPRAPAN, LISA WESEMAN, ABI AUER and ANNA O'NEIL (but missed seeing SHELLEY PIERCE). I won't comment on the sobriety level of this group, but lets just say that at one point several of us had whole bottles of champagne in each hand.

Speaking of ABI AUER, tell her congrats on her recent engagement to fellow Gator, Craig Fagin. He's a very nice guy that I met at TIM COONS' 30th birthday party in Atlanta. That's right COONS is the big 3-0.

KATIE TISCHLER was back at UF this Fall, but prior to that she spent six months traveling the world. She spent two months living on Mt. Hood, Oregon where she helped start a restaurant and snowboarded four days a week. Then she went to Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and finally, Europe. Needless to say, she needs a new passport. If you see Katie, definitely ask to see the pictures - they are postcard quality.

SUSAN BECKER is living in Jacksonville working at Arthur Andersen as a tax CPA. She is still hanging out with her number one pal - JEN ABBOUD, who is a physician's assistant in the Shands trauma unit in Jacksonville.

TINA RANKIN lives in Miami and is in her 3rd year of medical school at the University of Miami.

ADAM PUTNAM was elected to the United States Congress at the young age of 26. Way to go, Adam! Adam is our first official Cicerone Congressman to my knowledge and hopefully he will help get things straightened out up in Washington. Good luck Adam!

KIRSTEN (REED) WILGERS is in her last year of optometry school at Nova Southeastern in Ft. Lauderdale. She and her husband of 2 years, Rhett, don't have any little ones running around yet, but do have a cocker spaniel named Rudy.

MIKE SCHMIDT and his wife, Laura, are living out in San Francisco.

Former FVP, TRACIE HAMERSLEY, returned to NY after traveling in Europe (Italy, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia) and is living with Elizabeth Bragdon in downtown NYC. She's working for Andersen Consulting (or I guess, rather, Accenture) and Elizabeth is in charge of PR for her firm, AgiProp.

KIRSTEN FANNING, former AVP, is officially Professor Fanning now. She's an Assistant Professor at the Auburn University School of Pharmacy. Kirsten says the color scheme is workable, but that many of her students are a "bunch of whiners." Dr. Fanning, kicking butt and taking names!

Yours truly, ANDY FUSSNER, recently had a job change myself. I recently took a position with the American Heart Association in St. Petersburg. Officially, I am the Director of Planned Giving for the AHA's Florida Affiliate. I'm primarily responsible for handling charitable trusts, gift annuities, charitable bequests, etc., but as the only lawyer for AHA in Florida, I'm also getting some other miscellaneous things from time to time. I am absolutely loving this job - I'm working about 20 hours less a week than before, making more money, have better benefits, etc. I almost forgot the best part - out of 98 employees in my office, only 9 are male! I've finally found a ratio better than the infamous 2 to 1 Cicerone ratio - so hopefully the romance side of my life will be taking off next. Starting next Fall, I am hoping to do some adjunct teaching at Stetson Law School. I'm also moving into a new apartment in February - so if you're down my way, be sure to look me up.

Lifelong roommates ANNA O'NEIL and STEPHANIE COFFEY have both moved to San Francisco, but are no longer roommates. Stephanie is still working with Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting), better known as Cicerone Consulting. Anna is working for BigStep.Com managing its public relations. BigStep is an Internet company that provides service applications to small businesses.

LYNN CHANDLER is in her last semester of graduate school for education at UF. She spent her winter break in Atlanta and New Orleans. Lynn is planning on joining the ever-growing Cicerone contingent is Atlanta after she graduates and hopes to find a good elementary school teaching position. I'm pretty sure that we are going to have to open a Cicerone Alumni Chapter in Atlanta - perhaps Jack Ruenprapan should head it up.

JEFF "THE FISH" MAPEN is now in his second semester of law school at UF and hopes to join the also ever-growing legion of Cicerone attorneys. He spent New Year's Eve in Times Square. Jeff informs me that it was a good time, but a bit on the frigid side, plus "those ten dollar beers somehow don't really taste any better than the 45 cent ones in Gainesville."

KIM (WRIGHT) MACON was married in September and wanted to let everyone know that DEANNA CABRERA was her maid of honor (a real shocker there!). Kim and her hubby are living in Atlanta with the rest of the Cicerone population.

Speaking of weddings TERI LITTLEFIELD is now TERI SHOEMAKER. She was married on September 30th near her hometown of Deland, Florida. KIRSTEN REED WILGERS was the maid of honor and TINA RANKIN did a reading for the wedding. She and her husband, Terry (that's right - Teri and Terry), went to France and Italy for the honeymoon and were living in Orlando. They are now, however, living in Jacksonville. Teri is still working for the same company, Hartman & Associates, as an environmental engineer. Terry left his job as an athletic trainer for the Houston Astros minor league system and is now attending law school at Florida Coastal School of Law. I can't recall if we have any Cicerone attorneys in Jacksonville, but Terry is looking for a good summer clerkship there.

CHRIS NASH is engaged to a Tampa girl, Amy Gilchrist (a University of Alabama alum) and they are getting married on the weekend of the UF-Auburn game - a fact that greatly troubles Chris' good buddy, DEREK BRUCE.

Both Derek and BRIAN BURGOON also inform me that SHANNON BIZZELL is engaged to a Tampa lawyer named Lockwood Gray III and that they are to be married in July. Okay, he's actually not the III, but the heart-broken and likely now to remain lifelong bachelor, Derek Bruce, thinks that with a name like Lockwood, he should have a III after his last name. SHANNON also pointed out that she, unlike Chris Nash, has enough sense not to get married during football season. [Frankly, there was a lot of smack talk going back and forth when I received their emails.]

BRAD JONES is currently working for Worldcom in Orlando in their conferencing unit. Brad says that he "basically trains people to do electronic meetings." Brad informs us that he bumps into fellow Orlando Cicerones alums, JAIME MARSHALL and CAREY KOSSON all the time as they basically live across the street from him (anyone want to take bets on whether that was planned or not? just kidding Brad, I would have done the same). Brad would also like me to pass on that GREG DAUPHIN has a new nickname - The 8th Wonder of the World - this is because he always manages to one up himself. I'm sure I will have a response from Greg by the next update.

KEN GARCIA is still in NYC, but is now working for a small high-tech PR firm called Fusion Public Relations. He is working primarily with wireless technology companies and is living in Queens, near Jen Villani. Ken, Jen and Mike Ray watched most of the Gator games this fall at the Gotham Gator Club bar. Ken also has a new hot'n'heavy named Kim (who is also a Gator grad and from Ken's hometown of Jacksonville).

The reports that JEN VILLANI and I are married are, unfortunately for my sake, untrue. Somehow the UF Law Alumni Council has Jen listed as my wife in their databank and Jen and I have had a good laugh over that one. Jen is still working in NYC for the ad agency of Foote, Cone & Belding - primarily working on the LifeSavers account and "all of their 8 million products." Jen is thinking about becoming a copywriter and is considering a transfer abroad to either London or Cape Town, South Africa. Needless to say, I can't approve of my wife living overseas!

MARC INGLESE is deep in his second year of med school at UF. He is preparing for the first step of his Boards in June and was recently inducted into the UF Hall of Fame. When he's not studying hard, Marc informs me that he has taken up the hobby of chasing nursing students. Marc also provides us with the next two updates.

NICK CAMMARATA is living in Manhattan and working for Arthur Andersen as a CPA. He is considering returning to the South, specifically Atlanta, and would love to meet some Atlanta Cicerone single ladies.

CHRISSY MITCHELL and ANGELA GIANCOLA are both in their second semester of medical school at UF and basically study all of the time. [Personal note: One of the women in the PR department at my work looks like she could be Angela's twin, except for the fact that she is pregnant.]

RACHEL "ROSIE" ROSENTHAL was recently accepted at Columbia University in NYC to get her masters in both Deaf Education and Elementary Education.

Current Cicerone President, RENEE BAIORUNOS, also recently accepted a job in Boston with the Ford public relations firm and is looking forward to moving north for awhile after he reign as President is over.

ALISON AIDLIN, still smarting over Dave Bly's engagement, reports that she has no new news to share with us. Now knowing Alison as I do, I find that hard to believe. The question is - what is she hiding???

BRENDAN KRAUSE is now back in the States working as a policy analyst for the National Governors Association (primarily Health Care issues) in Washington D.C. Prior to that Brendan spent about a year living in Tokyo, where he did a bit of traveling in Asia (Hong Kong and Beijing) and then he spent a month in Italy before returning to the good old U S of A.

JOHN JUNOD graduated from UF's Law School in December and has accepted a job with an Orlando law firm, Moran & Shams. John also moved into a house in Winter Park and is rooming with a FSU alum and a dog named "Bowden." Obviously law school has taken its toll on John's brain. Thanks also to John for providing me with ROB JOHNSON's email address to add to the list.

PHIL HARETOS doesn't have much new to report, but he says, and I quote, "married life is terrific!" Married only a short time and already brain-washed!

Former AVP and PVP, GINA SEIBERT is still working for the UF Athletic Association and is gearing up for Gymnastics and Baseball season now. Gina also went to New Orleans for New Year's and the Sugar Bowl and "had a blast."

PAT CONNELL is working hard at graduate school at USF in Industrial Psychology and is rooming with REBECCA MCNERNEY, who is also in grad school at USF, but is studying Speech Pathology. On the juicier side of things, Rebecca is currently dating Cicerone Spencer Topp. No word on Pat's love life, but we all know the chicks did him.

SARAH RUMPF just started law school at UF this semester and is hitting the books hard. She had been working at a Gainesville law firm, Moody & Salzman, where she got exposed to family law, divorce, criminal law, insurance, corporate law, etc.

Sarah also tells me that fellow Cicerone, AMY BRAUNER is working in Orlando as an account coordinator for a company called Hello Florida! Inc.

COURTNEY COWAN is now working as a recruiter for KPMG in Tampa and is a proud home owner in Brandon. After a brief romantic affair with former Cicerone, MARK STEVENS, Courtney has moved on and is "completely in love" with one of her best friends from her high school days. Of course, hopefully this new guy knows that he will have to compete for Courtney's affection with her big, fat, hairy cat.

EDEN HEILMAN is still in New Orleans working at Tulane. She is in the process of applying to graduate school to get her masters in social work. Eden is also proud to report that she is now the President of the New Orleans Gator Club! Thanks go out to Eden for providing us with the email address of Gabe Kotch. Eden reports that she will soon be heading out to L.A. to visit LAURIE EPSTEIN - our budding Cicerone actress (look for her soon in "Why Fussner is My Hero: Part I"). Eden would also like to "give a shout out to my lil bro Greg Dauphin and my big bro Derek Bruce."

CRISTEN CRAGER is still living in Denver and is very happy to be reunited with old chum Jen Reinert. Cristen is working for a promotional ad agency called the Integer Group as a Senior Account Manager on the Coors Lights and Original Coors National Promotions. The much bigger news is that Cristen got engaged to her boyfriend of over four years, Peter, in NYC at the Plaza Hotel on December 19th (she says it was very romantic!). Congrats Cristen.

MIKE RAY, former FVP, moved to NYC in May 2000 and got a job doing web design for Deutsch, an advertising agency. Mike tells us he moved into a house in Jersey City with "three randoms," but that at least one of them was a Gator. Mike also reports that he might be moving in April/May and is looking for a roommate in the New York City area. [Am I going to get a cut-back for that free advertising, Mike?]

WENDY REEVES recently relocated to Los Angeles and is working at Days of Our Lives now. Wendy says that she is enjoying the drama of the soap opera world and loves living in California. No word on if Wendy has been dating any of those soap opera hunks yet!

JULIE IMANUEL, former MVP, is working in Tampa with the law firm of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick. She is doing corporate law, mainly mergers and acquisitions and securities law. Julie says that work keeps her busy, but that she has been doing a "little acting on the side." I'll avoid the obvious joke of table dancing that should be inserted here. Just joking Julie - you, Shelton, and I will have to get together with the other Tampa Cicerone lawyers and have a chat soon.

The wild and crazy LAURA BISHOP has moved yet again. This time she and her dog, Bob, can be found in Raleigh, North Carolina. Laura moves so much, I think she may be running from the law. I know a good criminal lawyer if you need help Laura!

Last I heard SUNSHINE TRUEMAN, former AVP, had been accepted to law school at both UF and FSU and was (gasp!) leaning towards attending FSU. No word on whether she made the right choice yet. Sunshine had been working as a training coordinator for Target in Orlando and was enjoying life with husband, Scott (also a Gator!).

Last, but not least, former President, JOCELYN STEINER, has returned to civilization after two years serving in the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan. After leaving the Peace Corps in October, Jocelyn traveled to India, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam and Thailand. She set foot back in the U.S. on December 16, 2000. She says it was her first time back in the U.S. in nearly 2 and 1/2 years and in that time she had completely circled the earth! Jocelyn has quickly readjusted to life in the US, hitting Taco Bell, Wendy's, Outback, Olive Garden, Burger King and McDonald's in rapid succession. She has also been applying to law schools for next Fall, with Georgetown as her first choice. In February, Jocelyn will likely take off to foreign lands to spend some time in Ireland with her sister, who is having a baby. Jocelyn Steiner, au pere. Just don't shake the baby, Jocelyn. Adam Wilczewski informs me that Jocelyn is still "a hottie" and that it's good to see her back in the US after such a long time. Welcome back Jocelyn - hope to see you soon.


President Renee Baiorunos (check out her picture in each month's Alumni Today magazine on the back inside page - she's the cutie holding the Alumni Association membership card) tells me that the Cicerones are getting ready for another rush. Lara Mann is serving as this year's Rush chair and her pre-rush party at the Swamp went extremely well.

The Cicerones also have a new advisor named Michelle Lovell. She's a UF grad and just started working with the Alumni Association. Renee thinks she will be an asset to the organization and is looking forward to working with her.

Fall Banquet Awards

Derek Bruce Most Enthusiastic Award - Samer Jaber

Most Tours - Jen Dicks

Most Events - Dave Hammerschmidt

Most Valuable Cicerone - Blair Graham

Outstanding Committee Chair - Bevan Watson (Fall Retreat)

Scholarships - Tobi Butensky, Ari Luxenberg, Teesha McCrae & Vicki Viveros.

Retreat is scheduled for February 3rd and the scavenger hunt/tour route game will be returning to the agenda thanks to Retreat Co-Chairs, Liz Leoty and Min Cho. Renee also tells me that the Mentee/Mentor program will be taking a big step forward under the direction of Kelly Gust and Kate Honey.

The SAA/SF District Convention is scheduled for February 15-18 and the Cicerones will be bringing 24 delegates this year.

Good luck Cicerones and keep up the good work.


I'm going to list 14 Cicerone Alumni that we've had previously on our list, but whose email addresses are no longer active and I don't know their new email address, plus one new person to this edition of the Most Wanted List.

1. Carla Fisk

2. Jen Miller

3. Amy Brauner

4. Cristina Cabrera Godwin

5. Beth Dungey

6. Kerry Meade

7. Leslie Dresch

8. Mike Schmidt

9. Kristin Siegrist

10. Cameron Rascoe

11. Summer Blake

12. Shelley Pierce

13. Jose Martinez

14. Ed Carlstedt

and our newest Most Wanted

15. Dave Petrilli (or Dentist Dave as I like to call him).

Thanks again for sending me your updates and staying in touch. It is such a pleasure for me to get to do this and hear from all of you out there. It really is amazing what an interesting and successful group we've got. My next project is to work with the current Cicerones to get a small database set up with everyone's information (phone, address, spouse's name, company, occupation, etc.) - so be on the look out for an email form requesting that info in a couple of weeks.

Until then, take care, stay in touch and as always ...



Andrew Fussner

Cicerones President 1998/99