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Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 16

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

First, I have to start off with a prediction - Gators 200 Ball State (-3).

Second, I want to thank everyone for sending me updates on themselves and on others. Our list, which had grown to about 250 Cicerone Alumni has shrunk a little because many people no longer have the same old email address the last time I sent one out. I'm going to list their names at the end of this email and if you know of anyone's new email - drop me a line. Additionally I want to especially thank JASON ALPERT, Marc Inglese, and Shelton Bridges for providing me with the email addresses of several people that I didn't have.

Third, if you didn't catch it the last time my new email address is (I got a personal, non-work account so I wouldn't keep opening up pictures of large, naked women that a certain unnamed Cicerone kept sending me!). So keep sending me your updates and email addresses of your Cicerone friends. Additionally, if you missed any of the old updates and would like to see them, send me an email and I will forward them out to you.


BETTINA WHALEN has just started studying for her MBA at Harvard University. Bettina will graduate with the class of 2002 - so start to look for her applying for CEO positions around 2003.

JEN VILLANI has taken a job with an advertising agency (Foote, Conet & Belding) in New York City as an assistant account executive working on the Nabisco and LifeSavers accounts. She's also sharing an apartment with another Cicerone, Ken Garcia (more on him later) and misses her Gators very much.

TIM COONS recently celebrated his 30th birthday in Atlanta where he works for CapGemini Ernst & Young as a consultant. Several celebrities were in attendance including Cicerones Abi Auer, Shawn Brinson, Andy Fussner, Jack Ruenprapan, Jorge Fraga, Jocelyn Cargile and Carrie Sullivan. Tim as also taken pity on SHAWN BRINSON and has taken him into his house. Rumor has it that Tim and Shawn are trying to put the moves on every female in Buckhead, but the good news is that Shawn has recently taken a job as a scientific/technical recruiter with

WILLA HOWARD, former Cicerone advisor, has been working in Academic Affairs in Tigert Hall for UF, but will be moving over to the UF Dental School (oddly enough where she started her career with UF 26 years ago). Willa is also a proud grandma again as her son's wife had a baby girl recently (Willa's first granddaughter). No word on any marital nupitals for Willa and her longtime beau (although rumor has it the relationship is still "hot'n'heavy").

JOCELYN STEINER, former Cicerone President, has nearly completed her time in the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan. On a vacation during the Christmas season Jocelyn got to meet up with her parents and see Turkey, Greece, Israel, Egypt and Spain. Her Peace Corps job will be over on October 18th and she plans on returning to the good old USA (and cheeseburgers, hotdogs, warm showers, etc.) right before Christmas. In the interim, she will be traveling through India, Nepal, Thailand (Jack Ruenprapan's mother land), Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. When she gets back Jocelyn will start applying to law schools to continue her education.

JOCELYN CARGILE, former FVP, has started her third year at Emory Law School and continues to serve as the Student Bar Association President there. Jocelyn isn't certain what type of job she wants after graduation, but she's leaning towards either being a state attorney or a public defender.

TRACIE HAMMERSLEY, former FVP, was living in Spain from January to March and then moved on to work a job in Sardinia in the Mediterranean. No word yet on whether she's back in the States yet.

LEX TAYLOR is now attending law school at UF and was spotted at the Swamp drinking during halftime of the Spring Orange and Blue Game. Chances are he didn't make it back for the second half.

DONALD BLY, former PVP, and his wife, Holly (also a Gator), recently bought a house in the suburbs north of Atlanta. Holly is also pregnant with their first child, a baby boy to be named Davis Ryan Bly, that is due in September. Fellow Cicerones, Dave Bly and Jen Reinert have been named as the godparents for the newest Bly. Donald was quoted as saying, "My boys can swim," after learning that Holly was pregnant.

KATHY (MCNERNEY) HALL, recently married Eric Hall (another Gator lawyer) and is attending medical school at USF.

DAVE BLY, former PVP, and JEN REINERT have recently become engaged (adding to the already numerous Cicerone couples) and are to be married in Palm City, Florida on March 21, 2001. They are now living in Jacksonville and Dave is considering returning to school for his MBA within the next year or two. Dave has some advice for all of the current Cicerones, "select your mentee carefully, because one day you might marry her."

TODD HINGSON and ANGIE (FOISTER) HINGSON are yet another Cicerone couple that has tied the knot. They also are living in Jacksonville, where Todd is awaiting word from the Florida Bar on whether he passed the bar exam (I'm sure you did, Todd) and Angie is working as an administrative assistant to the dean at the Florida Coastal School of Law.

ALISON (GRAMLING) NELSON, is also in Jacksonville and sees Angie all the time because Alison is working as a Legal Research and Writing Professor at Florida Coastal School of Law.

RAHUL PATEL brings us a report on IAN LEAVENGOOD that Ian has been "shot down by every girl in the South and has moved to New York to see if his luck improves." Ian has taken a job with Deloitte & Touche and will probably have to keep those NY ladies away with a stick.

KEN "SMILEY" DECKINGER, former President, continues his entrepreneurial ways and is certainly on his way to becoming a dotcom millionaire with his business It's a great site for young professionals (hence the name) and several Cicerones are acting as hosts of various online forums (e.g. Jason Alpert is in charge of the Sports Forum).

PHIL HARETOS is getting married on September 16th in Athens, Greece. Phil has been in business for himself "across the pond" as he puts it and has loved traveling all over the world. He and his wife will return to the US on October 15th and live in Boca Raton (possibly in Boca Del Vista - Phase III?) Phil also tells us what a small world it is and he was recently on a plane flight from Paris to Miami and ended up in the seat right next to fellow Cicerone, LAUREN SOLANAS.

KIM WRIGHT will become Kim Macon in just a week as she is marrying a fellow Gator named Mike Macon. Kim is working in Atlanta as a technical recruiter and still bums around with Deanna Cabrera a lot (let me tell you what a dangerous combo that was back in the day).

JEN HEMINGWAY, former MVP, is also engaged and will be married on September 1, 2001.

WHITNEY FULLER is also engaged and her wedding will be on February 17, 2001. (Attention all Cicerone males: it appears that the Cicerone women are all going to be married within the near future, so act fast if you don't want to miss out).

BRIAN BURGOON was recently elected to the Board of Governors of the Florida Bar (representing out of state members) and at the age of 28 is the youngest person to ever hold this position. Brian is practicing law in Atlanta with the firm Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan.

KRISSY KERBER is currently taking an internship in Atlanta with Doubletree Guest Suites. No word yet on whether Dave Schamus has been spotted at Doubletree.

KIRSTEN FANNING, former AVP, is in Auburn, Alabama (aka Home of Fighting Inbreds) and is working for the School of Pharmacy at Auburn University. Kirsten also tells us that her little brother has just started at UF this semester - so watch out Cicerone little sisters attending UF).

JILL FUSSNER, graduated in the Spring from UF with a major in Audiology and is now attending UNC-Greensboro to pursue graduate education in that field. Jill is still living down the harassment she received when she was dating last year's Cicerone President, DAVE HAMMERSCHMIDT, thereby keeping a Fussner close to the seat of power.

JODI VERDICCHIO, has become engaged to Marc Champney (a civil engineer who attended Georgia Tech) and is to be married on March 10, 2001. Jodi and Marc are living and working in Atlanta.

Both ANGELA GIANCOLA and CHRISSY MITCHELL have started Medical School at UF this Fall.

LIZ YEU is now in her second year of medical school at UF and is UF's AMA Chapter President.

MARC INGLESE is also now in his second year of med school at UF and is serving as the med school's student senator and as an executive on the Board of College Councils at UF. Marc has also been hitting the Market Street Pub regularly in downtown Gainesville and continues (without luck) to pick up on current "chickerones."

EDEN HEILMAN is living in New Orleans and is working in the student affairs department at Tulane University.

PAUL SUPPLE had been studying for his master's in Barcelona, Spain (spending more time drunk than in class - his own words), but will be starting law school at Georgetown University in the Spring.

TIM BARTON is renting out an apartment from Jack Ruenprapan in Gainesville and the update that he sent me stated only that Fussner "is a sassy bitch and I long to fondle your ample flabby buttocks." (Note to self: Don't go anywhere near Tim Barton and my buttocks are not flabby for the record, Tim.)

JACK RUENPRAPAN, former EVP, recently purchased a condo in downtown Gainesville directly above a Hooters Restaurant (does this surprise anyone?). Jack is still dating fellow Cicerone, LISA WESEMAN, who recently resigned from her job as a stewardess for Delta Airline because she was "based in Salt Lake City, Utah and had to room with four Mormons." [Note: those four Mormon girls are now scarred for life.]

JAIME MARSHALL, former MVP, is working in Orlando as the Marketing Manager for the House of Blues and is rooming with CAREY KOSSON, who's working as a physical therapist at The Florida Hospital.

PAT CONNELL is attending grad school at USF, working towards his doctorate in Psychology.

Pat is rooming with fellow Cicerone, REBECCA MCNERNEY, who is also attending grad school at USF in pursuit of a master's in speech pathology,

CRISTEN CRAGER is now living in Denver, Colorado and is "almost" engaged.

JEFF "THE FISH" MAPEN, has just started law school at UF and is the coolest guy around because he took me to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball game for free when he was down in Clearwater visiting his girlfriend.

GREG DAUPHIN is working as a sales representative for Johnson and Johnson. He will be in New Jersey for six weeks of training, then on to Atlanta for some more training, before working his first six-month rotation in of all places - Gainesville, Florida. Greg also noted in his email to me that he has "changed into a kinder, more gentler Dauphin," much like some of our politicians of today.

CARRIE SULLIVAN started working last week for a Public Relations firm in Atlanta and is still looking for a running partner who can keep up with her gazelle-like speed.

JUDD SCHNEIDER spent the summer traveling in Europe and is now working in finance in Boston, Mass.

GINA SEIBERT, former PVP & AVP, has remained in Gainesville and is working for the University Athletic Association. So how's the team looking, Gina?

DAVE SCHAMUS, former FVP, is working in finance in Tampa, Florida, although ... (see Krissy Kerber above).

MIKE RAY, former EVP & FVP, is living in New York and is working for a web design company (note to Mike: get stock options). Mike is living with a fellow Gator and loves New York, but complains that he can't find any Gator paraphernalia up there.

TIFFANY WILLIAMS is attending USF and is studying for her master's in Physical Therapy. Tiffany is looking forward to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers having a great year and winning the Super Bowl (despite cutting Gator Brad Culpepper).

STACIE (SIMS) COLLINS and PAUL COLLINS were married in October in the middle of Hurricane Irene. The two Cicerones suffered a power outage at the wedding and were forced to have a true candlelight wedding (which Stacie tells us worked out beautifully). They have moved to Dallas, Texas, where Paul is working on his MBA at Southern Methodist University. Stacie also just completed her master's degree and is just starting her job search in Dallas.

SHELTON BRIDGES, former MVP, graduated in December from UF with a JD/MBA and took the July version of the Florida Bar Exam. Shelton is living in Tampa and working as for a criminal defense attorney (and is looking to work for the state attorney or public defender pending his bar passage). Shelton tells us that he is planning on attending most of the Gator football games this year including road stops in Knoxville and Tally. He is also still lamenting the loss of his orange Rho Chi hat (that he "acquired" several years ago) at the UF-UGA game and claims that this is the reason that we lost to FSU last year.

SHANNON BIZZELL moved from Atlanta to Tampa, Florida and is working for the law firm of Carlton Fields.

LAURIE EPSTEIN has moved to Los Angeles to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and is loving life out there. After her schooling is over is will pursue her acting career (and in the meantime work at a casting agency and bartending), but will also temp for Paramount or Fox beginning in September. Laurie tells us she is looking for Gators out in California, but they are few and far between. Jack Ruenprapan tells us that he is breathlessly awaiting her first film (she's not THAT kind of actress Jack - so cool off).

SCOTT COFFEY is working for Akerman, Senterfitt & Eidson in Ft. Lauderdale and has suggested that we have a Cicerone Alumni Reunion this year at the Homecoming Game (more on this below).

ADAM WILCZEWSKI was recently out in Los Angeles, attending the Democratic National Convention. While there he met actress Melissa Joan Hart (aka Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and knowing the Fussner fetish for her assures me that she was looking "damn fine."

MEGHAN MULHOLLAND just graduated from Old Dominion with her master's in Physical Therapy. She is planning on doing a residency in orthopedics for a year in Chicago, but hopes to get back to Charlotte, North Carolina eventually.

CRISTINA CABRERA is now officially Cristina Godwin after her recent marriage in which her sister, Deanna, served as maid of honor.

BRENDAN KRAUSE is now living in Japan (that's all I know).

KEN GARCIA just left Ruder Finn in New York to work for a small high-tech public relations firm starting September 5th.

TRACY WISE has left her job at the magazine In Style and is now employed as an Advertising Account Manager for Spin Magazine. (So if you want a free copy, drop her a line - haha).

ANDY FUSSNER, former President, is still working in Tampa, Florida, but has been interviewing for teaching positions at several law schools and universities.

SHANNON DOMEIER, former MVP, is now living in enemy territory and is attending law school at FSU.

DAVE SILVESTAIN, former President, and CORI (STROBEL) SILVESTAIN were married on May 27th and are now living in San Antonio, Texas. Dave tells us they had a great honeymoon in the Bahamas and are now getting involved in the Texas Gator Club.


The Cicerones, under the leadership of then President Dave Hammerschmidt, presented its semester awards at the Spring Banquet. The following Cicerones won awards:

John Prible - The Derek Bruce Most Enthusiastic Award

Ashley Burns - The Shelton Bridges Most Barbed Award (apparently Ashley spent a too few many nights at the Theta Chi house this semester)

Kelly Gust - Most Events

Ben Gailey - Most Tours

Lara Mann - Outstanding Committee Chair

Jeff Mapen - Most Valuable Cicerone

Pat Connell is also to be congratulated on the excellent job he did as Rush Chairman bringing in the latest batch of new Cicerones.

Cicerone scholarships were awarded to: Hannah Oh, Kara Jehle, John Prible and Samer Jaber.

The new Executive Board for the 2000/2001 school year is:

President - Renee Baiorunos

EVP - Sean Connaughton

PVP - Erin Biada

MVP - Rachel Rosenthal

FVP - Phil Poisson

AVP - Jade Pasayan

That's all the good news. Unfortunately, there is also some bad news on the current Cicerone front. Despite assurances that the Alumni Association would not change the way Cicerones were run when the Alumni Association seized control of Cicerone funding and budgeting (which they were never willing to put in writing and certain unnamed Cicerones were convinced would happen), several changes have occurred (not the least of which was the removal of Willa Howard as advisor). The annual New Member Retreat is no longer an overnight affair - this was implemented last Spring. In addition, starting with this Fall's first meeting, there will no longer be a Barb Bucket at the meeting. Luckily, UFAA has not yet decided to eliminate the post-meeting socials. The new Exec Board, led by the extremely capable Renee Baiorunos, has told me that they are dealing with the changes as best they can and continue to fight for what they believe is in the best interest of the organization. Renee has promised to keep all of us posted on events as they transpire this year and will let us know if there is anything we all can do to help.


On a lighter note, per Scott Coffey's (and several others') suggestion, Renee and I are interested in seeing who would be interested in having some sort of Cicerone Alumni "Reunion" at this year's Homecoming Game. It would probably be something low key, like a BBQ before the game with some of the current Cicerones. Drop Renee and I a line if you're interested in such a gathering so we can get an idea if there's enough of an interest to hold it ( and I imagine there would probably be a charge of $5 to $10 for food and beverages, but at this stage who really knows.


Another idea that's been brewing for a while is to compile an "official" database of Cicerone alumni for everyone to have as a sort of contact/networking device. So let me know if you'd be interested in something like that as well. I imagine we would ask for your name (first, maiden, last), preferred email address, occupation/company, spouse's name, phone and address. Don't send me any of this info yet, as I may be able to get Renee to have a current Cicerone take this one on as a project.


In lieu of our regular Most Wanted List (listing five old Cicerones that we don't have an email address for), I am simply going to list the names of everyone that was on the old list that I got an email address failure notice from and wasn't able to find out his or her new email address. So if you know any of these folks' new email - let me know.

Aidman, Todd Jensen-Friedman, Tor

Allweis, Barry Jiminez, Cristina

Alvear, Diana Kilman, John

Auer, Abi Luu, Jacqueline

Bailor, Sarah Martinez, Jose

Bissonnette, Dave Nunamaker, Ken

Blake, Summer Pierce, Shelly

Bohsali, Sal Rankin, Tina

Brauner, Amy Rascoe, Cameron

Carlstedt, Ed Reed-Wilgers, Kristin

Coffey, Mike Rumpf, Sarah

Conne, Dawn Schmidt, Mike

Curtiss, Brooke Siegrist, Kristin

Dixon, Ayesha Stack, Liz

Dresch, Leslie Starling, Alison

Dungey, Beth Surrency, Jill

Ehrenreich, Amy Szmuckler, Rebecca

Fuller, Whitney Townsend, Katie

Haberbusch, Robyn Weitzner, Katie

Hubka, Alison

Hall (McNerney), Kathy

Thanks again for all of your updates - it's always great to hear from all of you. I promise I will try to get the next update out earlier than six months from now (like this one was).

And as always .....


Andy "The Fuss" Fussner

President 98/99