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Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 15

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

Hello again fellow Cicerones! For those of you who are getting this update for the first time, this update is designed to keep all those former Cicerones in contact. Please feel free to send me any information that you think everyone might like to hear either about yourself or about another fellow Cicerone Alumni. Additionally, if you have the email address of anyone who might like to receive these updates, please forward it on to me. Finally, if you'd like to receive any of the previous updates, let me know.

It's been a tough year for the Gator faithful, but I know many of you have been out there giving your support to the old Gators! I think I saw about thirty former Cicerones in Jacksonville for the UGA-UF game and I've seen a bunch of you at some of the games in Gainesville. Now on with the updates ...

Stephanie Coffey is now in her third year as a consultant for Andersen Consulting. Although she's been based in Atlanta (and still rooming with fellow alum, Anna O'Neil) Stephanie has been quite the world traveler the last six months with projects in Sydney, Australia, Seoul, South Korea and now Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Kelly Finn is still working in investment banking in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kelly, a former Finance EVP, is going to be tying the knot in Florida in May of 2000 with her fiancee who is currently attending business school in Chapel Hill. Kelly tells us that she may end up transferring to Chapel Hill, but for now she's just enjoying planning her wedding (and knowing Kelly - she's about ready to get into total panic mode any day now).

Rebecca Szumkler, former President's Host Chairwoman, is working hard for the PGA and recently was spotted at the PGA Championships in Chicago and the Ryder Cup in Boston. Word is that her golf game is improving, but that she has a ways to go until she can challenge either Derek Bruce or Greg Gravel on the links.

Former Cicerone President, Dave Silvestain was recently promoted at Procter and Gamble. Dave and his fiancee, Cori Strobel (also a Cicerone) are moving after the New Year to San Antonio, Texas. Cori is also doing well and is being transferred to San Antonio as well. They are scheduled to be married on May 27, 2000 and are planning on closing on their new home in Texas on January 4th!

Sara Calltharp is pursuing her masters in counseling psychology at Northeastern University. Sara also informs us that Ariel Grow recently got a "phat job in Atlanta at Harbinger" and that Jason Brueck is attending Villanova Law School in Philadelphia.

Paul Supple is currently sweating those law school applications while he is finishing his masters degree at UF. He will be completing his last semester in Barcelona and then plans to travel until either his money runs out or law school starts!

Jocelyn Steiner, former Cicerone President, has spent the past year in Uzbekistan with the Peace Corps. Jocelyn tells us that it has been a life altering experience and that while she still enjoys it, she could really use a nice warm bath and a McDonald's Hamburger. Jocelyn has started a project called GLOW camps "Girls Leading Our World" that has faced some tough times in a Muslim country, but has made a great deal of head way. Jocelyn was also appointed Peace Corps Volunteer Leader and oversees about 20 fellow Peace Corps volunteers in the region. Jocelyn is looking forward to her parents visiting (they are going to be meeting her in the Mediterranean) over the Christmas season.

Julia Johnston, a former VP, informs us that she is doing well and that her buddy Amanda Jones would love to receive the alumni updates but can't seem to join the 20th century and get an email account!

Ashley Moody has recently overseen a successful UF Homecoming as the current President of Florida Blue Key. Ashley was also recently appointed to the Florida Board of Regents (so send her an email if you've got some gripes!) When she's not busy with all of those activities, Ashley is attending UF's law school. Thanks also go out to Ashley for providing us with Ken Nunamaker's email address so we could take him off the most wanted list.

Jocelyn Cargile, former Finance VP, is in the midst of her second year at Emory Law School in Atlanta and is serving as a class representative for her student bar association.

Courtney Cowan is living in Tampa and is working as a college recruiter for Northwestern Mutual. When she's not roaming about college campuses in search of talent, she's been spotted at such Tampa hot spots as the Florida Aquarium.

Ed Carlstedt is working for the law firm of Bush Ross in Tampa and is active in the Tampa Gator Club.

Carla Fisk had been working for NBC in New York City, but I was informed that she recently moved back to Florida (doesn't everyone ultimately end up missing the sunshine?). Carla is now in Orlando and is working for an event planning firm.

Carla's buddy, Maegan Peek, is hitting the books hard at UF's Law School and was recently spotted interviewing with law firms in Tampa for a summer clerk position. Maegan says she's still enjoying law school, but she had some harsh words for Professor D.T. Smith's recent final exam in Property Law. [I'm sure Maegan did fine - she has outstanding grades!].

Alison Aidlin is employed as a Marketing Coordinator for Lord, Aeck and Sargent Architecture in Atlanta. Prior to starting her job, Alison had been jaunting all over Europe, seeing such spots as France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Ashley Svabek is living in Orlando now with her little sister and is working for Carlman Booker Reis Public Relations, mainly working on such accounts as Pepsi and Winn Dixie. Sorry guys, but she's been seriously dating some guy named Charlie - and who knows what the future holds.

Willa Howard, former Cicerone advisor, has been spotted numerous times with a handsome gentleman around Gainesville. No word on if there's any wedding bells planned, but I'll keep you posted. Willa tells me to send a hello out to all the Cicerones and to let you know that she misses all of you (with of course the exception of the Bly brothers - just joking). Willa is also planning on becoming a grandmother for the second time this April and she's incredibly excited because its going to be a baby girl (any bets on how spoiled that kid will be?)

Chris Hatfield, aka the man who lead us to Cicerone Athletic Greatness and Championships, is now working as a Merchandising Manager for Tire Kingdom. Thanks go out to Rebecca Szumkler and Derek Bruce for sending us word of Chris and getting him off our Most Wanted List.

John Junod is now almost done with law school at UF. John spent last summer in Orlando working for a timeshare developer/corporation near Disney. John tells me that he is looking forward to law school being over and joining the massive ranks of Cicerone lawyers.

And when you mention Junod, you have to mention former President, Ken "Smiley" Deckinger. Smiley is in NYC and is running a successful start-up business. I'm sure many of you have gotten an email from his business. Keep up the good work Smiley.

Cristina Cabrera is working for Ernst & Young in Tampa (I see her all the time in fact since she works in the same building as I do). Cristina is finalizing those wedding plans, but it seems like younger sister, Deanna, may be even more excited about the wedding than Cristina is. (Personal Note: two excited Cabreras in the same room = too much energy!)

Of course, it wouldn't be a Cicerone update without a true barb! Did anyone catch Bettina Whalen at the Purple Porpoise the night before the FSU game? Let's just say that I bet Bettina doesn't remember much of that night and that the drive back to Atlanta was a rough one for her!

Tracy Wise is working as a Production Assistant for In Style Magazine in NYC. Check out the January issue to see Tracy listed in the credits for the first time. Next thing you know, Tracy will be running the whole magazine.

Jack "Jumblies" Ruenprapan is now a hard working man for All Chem Industries in Gainesville. Jack keeps himself in the Cicerone loop though as he lives with Dave Hammerschmidt (current President) and Shawn Brinson and is dating a spunky little Cicerone named Lisa Weseman.

Todd Aidman is working as an attorney in Tampa and was recently sworn in to practice in federal court in the Middle District of Florida.


The Cicerones are gearing up for another successful Rush when they return to campus after Winter Break. Pat Connell is heading up this year's Rush and expects to have the highest turnout ever, possibly topping 600 applications. Lara Mann pulled off an outstanding Student to Student-Athlete Forum that was one of the best attended in years. Rachel "Rosie" Rosenthal has been heading up the Campus Tours program this year and has been doing an outstanding job according to current PVP, Gina Seibert. Another outstanding Chairperson has been Sean Connaughton, who has been making this year's Chronicle one of the funniest ever (rumor has it that it may even be better than when Jason Alpert and Anna O'Neil put their creative efforts together). The Cicerones, under the leadership of current President, Dave Hammerschmidt, also threw a farewell banquet to longtime advisor Willa Howard. The current Executive Board also decided to create a Cicerone Hall of Fame in Willa's honor and to name it after her. They have plans to start inducting individual Cicerones at each semester's banquet.


This update's most wanted includes one hold over from the last list, Dawn Phillips, and two individuals that I've gotten error return messages from because the email address I had is no longer active, Kathy McNerney and Brian Pope. Rounding out the Top Five most wanted are two new additions, Tillie Galan and Beth Dungey.

1. Dawn Phillips

2. Kathy McNerney

3. Brian Pope

4. Tillie Galan

5. Beth Dungey

If you have the email address of any of the following Cicerones (or anyone else that isn't receiving this update) please send it to me. Thanks.


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Andy "The Fuss" Fussner

President 98/99