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Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 14

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

Are you as excited as me about Gator football getting ready to start? It's been an interesting summer for many of you - especially if you've been in Gainesville. As you probably know, two favorites of the Cicerones are no longer in their respective positions - although both remain true blue Gators. The Cicerones long time advisor, Willa Howard, has moved on to other projects and Alison Williams was named the new Cicerones advisor by the Alumni Association. Is it just me or does it make you feel old that many of you are now older than the Cicerones' new advisor? Actually, I am sure Alison will do a great job with the 1999/2000 version of the Cicerones, but no one will ever be able to replace Willa Howard.

Of course, also gone from the scene is UF President, Dr. John Lombardi. From the emails I have gotten from many of you, the reaction runs the gamut from thrilled to see him gone to upset that he will no longer be leading UF. As for me personally, after seeing first hand the whole mess of the law school problems, I think it may be the right time for him to move on. Hopefully the Regents will see fit to appoint someone else who isn't a shrinking violet though and UF's rise to the top will continue.

As always, please keep sending your updates and the email addresses of any old Cicerones that you think would like to receive this update.

Alumni News ....

Shannon Domeier, former MVP and Homecoming Queen, is now working for her sorority, Zeta, and is traveling all over the country. Shannon tells me that she even got to visit the Field of Dreams in Iowa (I am so jealous).

Andy Morris, former President, is now happily married in Jacksonville to his wife, Melissa and has THREE children. Melissa gave birth in March to twins, Alexis and Abigail and there's also three-year old Zachary.

Scott Freeman, still renown for his use of the term "flora and fauna" on a campus tour, is in the Physician Assistant Program at Barry University.

Adding to the throngs of Cicerones in Atlanta is Erik Zahnen. Erik is now working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers and is "making his presence known in Buckhead."

Deanna Cabrera has moved to Atlanta and is working for Marriott in one of their assisted living facilities. Deanna is living with the sister of another Cicerone alumnus, Alicia Chapman.

Jaime Marshall, a former MVP, and has had a crazy last six months. Jaime has finally settled down (okay, Jaime never really settles down) in Orlando, working at her dream job as Marketing/Publicity Manager for the House of Blues. Jaime and long time love, Todd, are still together - do I hear wedding bells????

Katie Weitzner is working in Miami for the marketing and product development department with the local NBC affiliate.

Brent Jones, former Intramural Chair, is putting his sports knowledge to good use as a sports reporter for the Baltimore Sun. Any chance you can get me free Oriole tickets, Brent?

Tracie Hamersley is on a year-long jaunt through Europe. I have only three words for that - Watch Out Frenchie!

Jose Martinez has informed me that he has managed to "finagle my brother's season tickets" for Gator football - so keep an eye out for him at the games.

Ayesha Dixon will be starting law school at Columbia in NYC this fall. I'm betting NYC will be quite a change from Gainesville, but Ayesha grew up in Chicago - so I'm also betting she will have no problems!

Julie Imanuel, Christine Marlewski, Clint Malone and Maegan Peek are gearing up for any semester at the UF College of Law.

Speaking of the law, Chris Nash has been spotted at the law firm of Ketchey and Horan in Tampa (he's a couple of floors below me in the same building - so he's hard to miss).

Paul Supple took the LSAT this summer - so it shouldn't be long before we add yet another Cicerone lawyer.

Emily Yasmer has made it through her first year of dental school and did some traveling during her time off. Did anyone catch her in Washington DC or NYC?

Marc Inglese just started his first semester at UF's medical school and was spotted at the Cicerone meeting in his scrubs (Marc just can't get enough of that Barb bucket, can he?)

Jocelyn Steiner has started her second year in the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan. Her parents tell us that she's doing okay, but really misses American culture and all of her friends. She loves getting letters and if you're interested in writing her, drop me a line and I will get you her address. Her parents are also collecting items to bring to her when they visit Asia in December. Again, if you're interested in sending her anything (e.g. she's requested some videotapes of recent US movies), let me know and I will send you the Steiner's address.

Dave Bly and Jen Reinert are working in Jacksonville. Dave is working for a company that buys and sells energy as a commodity and Jen is working as a physical therapist.


Dave Hammerschmidt and Liz "The Bulldog" Scott attended the Alumni BOD meeting in St. Petersburg this summer and told the Alumni Association about upcoming plans for the Cicerones this year. Several Cicerones went to Chicago for the National Convention, but more on that in future updates. Speaking of future updates, Dave (or once he/she is appointed, the new Alumni Affairs Chairperson) will be taking over the updates from me. So I will save any news about the current goings on for Dave to tell you in the next update.


We are still searching for email addresses for the following people:

Jocelyn Cargile

Dawn Phillips

Kenny Nunamaker

New to the most wanted list are:

Chris Hatfield

Amanda Jones

Several people currently on the update list have old email addresses, if you know of anyone that was receiving these updates, but no longer is, please send me their new email address.

Until later, keep sending either myself or Dave Hammerschmidt your updates and as always, GO GATORS! See you at the games!

Andy "The Fuss" Fussner

President 98/99