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Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 13

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

Well, I know it has been a while, but it is time for another Cicerone Alumni Update. As always, please send me your own updates or updates on anyone else you think we would like to hear about. Please note that I have a new email address -

Without further ado, here's the update:

Jason Alpert has moved on from his job in Columbus, Georgia and is now a sports anchor for an NBC affiliate in TALLAHASSEE! Jason has promised to bring his pro-Gator views to the land of the heathens. Although Jason will be in the land of the 'Noles, he has assured me that being back in a college town in Florida is much better than being in a small town in Georgia! Best of luck Jason and keep us posted on your luck with all of those FSU co-eds.

Denise Wieler, former Cicerone President 92-93, recently was married and starts law school at the University of Texas this fall (another Cicerone lawyer). Denise had already received her masters degree in public policy from the LBJ School at Texas.

Adam Putnam, who is currently the youngest legislator in the Florida House of Representatives, announced he is running for the U.S. Congress by going after the 12th Congressional District seat that will be up for grabs in the next election. So if you're in that district, get out and vote for Adam! Maybe a Cicerone in Congress will straighten things up in Washington!

Donald Bly is studying for the Georgia bar and will be starting work this Fall at King and Spalding in Atlanta in their tax law department. Donald was recently spotted with his wife in Nashville, TN for a wedding and he tells us that he is the proud father of a rambunctious puppy dog!

Julia Johnston, former Exec Board member and star softball player, informs us that she is working in Atlanta at a French based manufacturing company, managing human resources. Julia is planning on going back to school for her MBA in the Fall of 2000. Jules also says that she is keeping her softball skills sharp by playing in a rec league every summer. (Given the way our team did this last year, the Cicerones could use your skills again Julia!)

Kim Blanchard is also another former Cicerone who was in Atlanta, working in recruiting for Hewitt Associates, but is now living in Berlin and working as an English teacher. Kim will remain in Germany until the end of September when she plans on returning stateside.

Kelly Finn, former FVP, recently became engaged. Kelly is working for a bank in Charlotte, North Carolina. No date yet on the wedding, but Kelly will be in Florida soon for her younger brother's wedding.

Ken Garcia was recently promoted to Account Executive in the Corporate Communications Group at Ruder Finn in New York City. Ken plans on joining the Gotham Gator Club this fall in order to keep cheering on his beloved Gators.

Wendy Reeves is also in New York City now, working as a production assistant for As the World Turns. If Ruder Finn doesn't work out, maybe Wendy can get Ken a starring role as a dashing, young actor!

Speaking of NYC, keep your eyes open for Ken "Smiley" Deckinger - he's working there now, too!

CORRECTION: Stacie Sims informs me that contrary to my last report, she is not married (yet) to Paul Collins. It turns out Stacie and Paul are currently engaged and plan on being wed on October 16. When not spending time with Paul, Stacie is finishing grad school at UCF and working with their Greek system there. Stacie is still living with Alison Hubka., her longtime buddy. Paul Collins is working at Poe & Brown in Daytona Beach.

Alison Hubka is working at Curly & Pynn, an Orlando public relations firm.

Jodi Verdicchio is working in Atlanta (adding yet another Cicerone to Georgia) and may be hearing wedding bells soon herself(?)

Sara Calltharp is moving to Boston this fall to pursue her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Northeastern University. Sara also tells us that her old roomie, Jason Brueck, will likely be attending law school at Catholic University in D.C. in the Fall.

Niki Ozment is currently in Atlanta, working for a software company called Resumix as an Education Consultant. Niki is currently engaged to fellow Gator, Eric Buchanan. Niki and Eric will be married in March at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL. Niki, active in Cicerones from 1993-1994, was, of course, most famous for he appearance in full Cicerone garb on the cover of the Alligator giving future Gators a campus tour.


Well, since it is summer, not much has been going on. New President Dave Hammerschmidt and new MVP, Liz Scott, will be in St. Petersburg at the end of July for the Board of Directors meeting of the Alumni Association.

Rachel Rosenthal was named the Campus Tour Director for next year, Lara Mann was named Chairwoman of the Student-to-Student-Athlete Forum, and John Prible was named Intramural Chairman (vowing to "bring all the glory back to Cicerones intramural teams at any cost").

Dave will likely have a message for all of you after the Board of Directors meeting on the Cicerone plans for the upcoming year. He is planning some exciting things for the Cicerones and a few of them have to do with the Cicerone Alumni. So keep your ears open!


I have also decided to start a new feature in the Alumni Update - called Most Wanted. Everyone has been great in forwarding me email addresses of other former Cicerones and getting those people in contact with the Alumni list. So keep up the good work. I thought, however, I would highlight five former Cicerones in each update that it would be great if we could add to the list - so if you have any knowledge of the email or whereabouts of the following people, let me know:

1. Andy Morris

2. Kenny Nunamaker

3. Dawn Phillips

4. Jocelyn Cargyle

5. Scott Freeman

Until later, keep sending me your updates (at my new address!) and GO GATORS!

Andy "The Fuss" Fussner

President 98/99