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Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 12

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

It's been a while since I sent one of these out - it has been a very busy month of March and April for me here in Gainesville. As always, please keep sending me updates on what you or others are up to nowadays, as well as sending me the email addresses of any old Cicerones that would like to be included on the list (or if you want the heck off the list - tell me that too!).

On with the updates ....

Sunshine Trueman was recently married to her longtime beau and fellow Gator, Scott, who works for the Seminole County State Attorney's office. Rumor has it that the wedding was a complete success with several Cicerones in attendance Silvestain, Strobel, Jocelyn Moore, Fanning). Sunshine is still working for Target in their Human Resources department in Orlando.

Quite a few old Cicerones were recently spotted at the UF Law Alumni Council Meeting during the Orange and Blue weekend (Blue trounced Orange - I had a lot of dough on Blue, so I made out well). Sighted in town were Derek Bruce, Brian Burgoon, Joe Lang, Shannon Bizzell, Brad Bondi, etc.

Speaking of Derek Bruce, he tells us that John SanGiovanni has been taken a job with Microsoft as one of its "Techincal Evangelists." John will become a world traveller, preaching the Microsoft gospel to one and all. John is a little worried however about the lack of Gators in Seattle.

Current UF Law student and former Cicerone Ashley Moody was recently elected as President of Florida Blue Key.

Elliott Throne writes from New York that all is going well in his neck of the woods. Although I didn't spot him, rumor has it that Elliott was in Gainesville during the week of March 25th! - I'm sure he wasn't hitting on any UF freshmen co-eds during his visit!

Cristina Jimenez is still pounding the books at Harvard Law School. She still hangs out with Beth Dungey and will be working this summer at Cravath, Swaine and Moore in NYC. Last summer she clerked at a large firm in Caracas, Venezuela - so I imagine the work experience will be a little different this summer for her. Cristina also writes and I quote, "UF people are about a million times cooler than these lame-o's up here" at Harvard. Well, it doesn't take a Harvard lawyer to figure that one out, now does it?

Angela Whitlock is graduating this semester and will be moving to Cincinnati to work as an engineer for Procter and Gamble.

Speaking of graduating, Joel West also graduates this semester, but Joel will be in Gainesville for a little while longer as he was just recently accepted into Grad School at UF.

Courtney Cowan is now the Director of College Recruiting at Northwestern Mutual Life in Tampa. So if any of you are looking for a job - drop her a line. Courtney also tells us that her sister and fellow Cicerone alum, Amanda, says Hi!

Stacie Sims and Paul Collins are now hubby and wife and living in Orlando. (This update comes from Jack Ruenprapan - and this was all he could remember from when he bumped into them - I think he may have pounded a few back that day!)

Jason Alpert was recently spotted at Cafe Gardens on his way through Gainesville. Jason took in lunch with old Cicerone Julie Imanuel (harassing her constantly as only Jason can do), current Cicerone Laurie Epstein, and another current Cicerone with dashingly good looks.

Christine Marlewski is preparing for law school exams at UF Law. She will be clerking this summer in Tampa for a federal judge. So expect to see her and current Tampa resident, Wendy Reeves, hitting the bars in Ybor on a weekly basis!

Kirsten Fanning is off to North Carolina to do her Pharmacy Residency in Geriatrics at the Durham VA and Duke Medical Center. She and longer time pal, Amy Fann, will be living together (again) in NC as Amy will be completing her residency in Pharmacy Practice at UNC - Chapel Hill.

Kirsten also tells me that Julia Johnston is still hard at work in Atlanta and still swings a pretty mean softball bat. Hopefully, Julia will send me an update on herself for the next Alumni Update.

Jack Ruenprapan is graduating, but will be staying in Gainesville and working in Chemical sales at a local company called AllChem.

Brad Bondi is working hard at Hill, Ward, Henderson in Tampa, but will soon be leaving for a stint with the 11th Circuit in beautiful Alabama. So expect Brad to be boning up on laws involving incest and moonshining.

As for myself, I'm about four weeks away from graduating with my law degree from UF. I will start work with Foley and Lardner in Tampa on May 24th in their Estates and Trusts Department. Myself, along with several other former Cicerones will be taking the bar at the end of July - so wish me luck! I'm also doing my best to get put on the Foley Recruitment committee, so as to guarantee a return trip to Gainesville once a semester for a football game!


We recently completed yet another successful semester in Cicerone history. It was a frustrating and bumpy semester at times - but all in all I am very proud of what this latest group of Cicerones has accomplished.

We recently completed a new project which next year will officially be called the Future Gator Phone-a-thon. The Cicerones contacted well over of all the students that have been admitted to UF for the next academic year via telephone - to say congrats and to answer any questions the students or their parents had about UF. Given the time constraints we were under on this project, the group did an extremely good job on this project. Kudos out to Vrkeisha Taite, Shawn Brinson and Sherry Marks for heading this project up for us.

We also recently elected the Executive Board for the academic year 1999-2000. The new officers are as follows:

President: Dave Hammerschmidt

EVP: Mike Ray

PVP: Gina Seibert

MVP: Liz "The Bulldog" Scott

FVP: Dave Schamus

AVP: Renee Baiorunos

We have also conducted our end of the year awards banquet. The following Cicerones were presented with awards:

Cicerone Scholarship Winners: Ana Ferrer, Brent Jones, Kathyrn Tischler and Katie Weitzner

Most Dedicated: Jeff "the Fish" Mapen

Derek Bruce Most Enthusiastic Cicerone: Liz "the Bulldog" Scott

Outstanding Chairperson: Angela Giancola

Shelton Bridges Most Barbed Award: Marc Inglese (2nd consecutive semester)

Most Events: Brian Berryman

Cicerone All-Stars: Renee Baiorunos, Shelton Bridges, Shawn Brinson, Dave Schamus, John Prible, Danny Gilfarb, Ashley Massey, Jade Pasayan, Rachel Rosenthal, Amber Bard, Ben Gailey

Most Outstanding New Cicerone: Erin Biada

Most Outstanding Cicerone: Patrick Connell

We also said goodbye to the following graduating seniors:

Sarah Bailer, Jason Brueck, Minda Beth Greenberg, Nicoele Miceli, Katie Weitzner, Diana Alvear, Burns Dobbins, Ana Ferrer, Marc Inglese, Brent Jones, Joel West, Laura Ylijoki, Melissa Morley, Ashley Svabek, Alison Aidlin, Ayesha Dixon, Carla Fisk Jack Ruenprapan, Angela Whitlock and Andy Fussner

Well, I guess that about wraps it up for this year. Keep sending me your updates and if you'd like to receive any of the old updates drop me a line and I will forward them to you. Until then, take care and GO GATORS!

Andy Fussner

Florida Cicerones - President