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Florida Cicerone Alumni Homepage

Did You Know?

Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 11

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

Hello from Gainesville once again. Spring Break has officially begun and I am sending out this email before I break clear of Hoggetowne for fun and festivities elsewhere. As always, keep me posted on what's happening in your life and send me the email addresses of anyone who you think would like to receive these Cicerone Alumni updates.

Shannon Domeier, former M-VP, is working at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa and is the intern who is running the marketing department of the Tampa Sports Authority. The real question is can Shannon get any of us free Bucs tickets come football season??

Cristina Jimenez is working her way through Harvard's Law School on her way to becoming a powerful attorney.

Sal Bohsali is in Atlanta doing an internship in the Tax Department of Arthur Andersen and will likely be attending law school in the near future.

Tracy Wise is over in merry England (London to be exact) and has an internship with an advertising agency called CDP. It is a Japanese based business and its clients include Estee Lauder (can you get me a date w/ Elizabeth Hurley), Firestone Tires, Honda, etc.

Kerry Meade, former Cicerone Prez, is hard at work in Harvard's MBA program. Knowing Kerry, I'm sure he's been very well behaved at all of those Irish pubs in Beantown when he's not hitting the books.

Another former Prez, Jocelyn Steiner, has been relocated by the Peace Corps to a larger city in Uzbekistan called Andijon. Jocelyn now occassionally has running water - so that's a plus. But she is enjoying teaching English to Uzbeki (?) children. I give pretty good odds though that the Gators could pretty soundly beat any football team in Uzbekistan.

Another former Prez, Joe Lang, is working as an attorney in the Tampa Bay area with the law firm of Carlton, Fields.

Brian Nottingham is still in the Navy (that sounded like a Billy Joel song, didn't it?) and sent Willa an email the other day to find out how things are in Gainesville.

Speaking of Willa Howard, rumor has it that she has a new boy toy that she has been seen with around town. More details as they surface with be forthcoming.

In current Cicerone news ...

Twenty Cicerones represented the organization at the District III SAA/SF convention in Myrtle Beach, SC last week. They were lead by Jack Ruenprapan (our current EVP) and he assures me that the Cicerones "kicked ass and took names" the entire weekend. The organization was the recipient of several awards during the course of the weekend, although Jack is still mad that "Willa was robbed of the Best Advisor Award."

During March, the Cicerones will be spearheading a program run through the President's Office and the Admissions Office that is attempting to place a phone call to the home of every high school senior that has been admitted to UF. It's a massive project and b/c this is the first year - we probably won't be able to reach everyone, but I have a great deal of confidence in our chairperson, Vrkeisha Taite that it will be successful. Shawn Brinson and Sherry Marks are also lending a great deal of help as assistant chairs for this project which we were asked to take on.

The Cicerone election season is around the corner and all folks are lining up to take my job. Both Dave Hammerschmidt and Gina Seibert have been nominated for the President's job with one more meeting of nominations left. No word yet on whether Derek Bruce will make an appearance and give his 432nd pro.

Until next time - keep bleeding Orange and Blue and as always ...

Go Gators!!

Andy Fussner - Florida Cicerones - President

Cicerone Alumni,

You may remember from update # 10 I told you that the UFAA was making some changes in the Cicerones. Here is the latest skinny. FYI.

The Alumni Association has created a new Student Alumni Association that will be open to all UF students in an attempt to increase the number of young alumni joining the UFAA after graduation. The hope is that if students join the SAA now, they will get in the habit of paying dues and do so as alumni immediately after graduation. The Cicerones will be serving as the "leadership structure" for this group. As a part of these changes, the UFAA has altered the financial structure of our organization (despite some resistance on our behalf). The good news is that the Cicerones will now only pay dues once a year and will automatically be members of the new SAA in addition to Cicerones. The not so good news is that the UFAA will no longer serve as the custodian for Cicerone funds, but rather we will simply be a line item as part of the UFAA's yearly budget. Our initial fears were that this would reduce the amount of our control over our budget (of which we generate approximately 95% of ourselves). The UFAA has verbally assured us, however, that other than the timing of the budget process and the need to provide more detailed descriptions of our budget items - we need not worry about loss of control and that all items currently funded will remain funded. Additionally, the UFAA has verbally assured us that the Cicerones will still have control over the decisions we make in regards to our programming.

While these changes have not come easily and with some substantial resistance on our part, the Alumni Association has imposed them for better or for worse. Despite the fact that at times this has been a very difficult and arduous process, in the end it will hopefully make our organization even stronger. As long as the UFAA lives up to the verbal promises that the UFAA, Wayne McDaniel and the rest of the staff have made, I see no reason why there is anything to worry about in the near future as far as the Florida Cicerones organization is concerned. I will continue to keep you all posted, as I know many of you have expressed concerns about these matters.

Andy Fussner

Florida Cicerones - President