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Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 10

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

Hello from Gainesville. I know it's been a while since I have written, but I've been a little busy with Cicerone Rush and Retreat (more details below). I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and got to see the Gators kick some butt in the Orange Bowl. As always, please send me the names and email addresses of any old Cicerones that would like to recieve this update, as well as any news you'd like to share about yourself or others.

Now on with the updates:

Laura Bishop is making waves out in Dallas, Texas. She is working as a media buyer with an advertising agency, Moroch and Associates. She's knee deep in negotiating air time and print ads for such clients as McDonalds, Oldsmobile, and 20th Century Fox, among others. Laura, being the mover and shaker that she is, is taking MBA classes at SMU and is waiting to hear about her acceptance at the University of Texas School of Law. (More proof that we need to start a Cicerone Law Firm). Laura's also got herself a new gentleman caller - no word yet on how serious it's getting.

Meghan Mulholland is preparing herself for a busy semester - she's taking 20 hours of classes and 4 hours of clinicals on the way to her master's degree. Meghan also got to attend the Orange Bowl, but said that it just wasn't the same not being on the field (she was one hell of a wide receiver wasn't she?)

Kathy McNerney is all sh*ts and giggles over her little sister, Rebecca's selection as a Cicerone this year. Rebecca has some big shoes to fill as a Cicerone, but based on her dancing ability at the retreat, I don't think she'll have any problems.

Jason Alpert is still hard at work at a Columbus, GA TV station, doing sports reporting. He's still longing to get back to Florida, especially since I'm trying to set him up with a current Cicerone who shall go unnamed at this time. Jason tells us that the Florida Gator recruiting class is looking good so far, but that they could use an offensive lineman or two before it's all over.

Carey Kosson is enjoying her P.T. internship back home. She'll be heading to Orlando in March for the second half of her internship, so those of you in Mickey town should look her up. Right now I'm busy trying to convince her to find a job in Tampa after graduation, because that's where all the cool people are going!

Speaking of spunky little gals, did you know that Amy Brauner is working at the Swan and Dolphin in Orlando. She's having a great time and making new friends, but is worried about who'll be doing all of the tours that she and Jen Miller used to do for Cicerones.

Clint Malone was named to the UF Law Review last semester and has secured himself a sweet little clerking job for this summer.


We just finished our most successful Rush ever. Rush Chair, John Prible, valiantly led us through 552 applicant interviews in order to select the 75 folks that were the cream of the crop. The record number of applicants broke the old mark, established by Jaime Marshall, of 524. John was quoted as saying, "Eat my dust Marshall, I am the smartest man alive!" Of course, John was slightly intoxicated at the time and hooked up with a new Cicerone the night after the selection meeting, but before the list was posted. This year's selection meeting lasted 9 hours - not as quick as the 6 1/2 hour one of a couple of years ago nor as long as the 16 hour marathon of 3 years ago.

Last weekend was our new member retreat, at a new locale, Camp Shalom, in Orange Springs. It was a great location for retreat and I expect next year's group will want to return. Retreat chair Tim Naddy and his assistant, Summer Blake, pulled off a super retreat - complete with a morning scavenger hunt of campus to familairize the newies with the tour route and an afternoon of semi-intensive training. The new member skits that night made fun of the old Cicerones, as per tradition - with myself, Prible, and AVP-Gina Seibert taking the brunt of the jokes. The barb bucket at tonight's meeting should be filled to the brim.

EVP Jack Ruenprapan will be leading a group of 20 Cicerones and Willa Howard to Myrtle Beach, SC for the annual SAA/SF District Convention. Jack and company will be displaying that Cicerone/Gator pride as well as conducting seminars on giving campus tours and membership recruitment.

The Alumni Association is in the works of creating a new SAA organization that will be open to all UF students. They are currently negotiating with the Cicerones over how our role will be altered, etc. I'll keep you posted as more details crystalize.

In other news, Shelton Bridges (yes, he's still around) has appointed himself as the Chairman for the Committee on Mirth and Happiness. I'll leave it to your imagination what that committee does - especially if you know Shelton.

Well, I've got to get going now. We've got Mock Tours to prepare for this weekend, so all the new Cicerones will be prepared to give their first campus tour some time next week. Take care, send me your updates and GO GATORS!

Andy Fussner

Florida Cicerones - President