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Cicerone Alumni Email Update # 1

# 1

Dear Cicerone Alumni,

The infamous Jason Alpert recently suggested to me that I start a Cicerone Alumni email list to allow everyone to keep in touch, find out what was going on with Cicerones currently at UF, and generally allow Jason to send us all Gator jokes of varying quality levels.

So far all of you consist of the only addresses I have been able to gather together. And, of course, some of you are technically still active Cicerones (e.g. Yasmer, Bridges, myself, etc.), but because you are a graduate student (and hence old) you qualify as an alumnus.

So here's the deal. Please send me any other Cicerone alumnus/a's email addresses that you may have in addition to those listed below. More importantly, tell us what you are up to nowadays, where you are at, your marital status (again, primarily for Alpert's benefit), etc. I will try to send a message out every once in a while both updating the email list and letting you know what's going on in Cicerones.

Finally, if you are interested in possibly getting together in Gainesville for a pre-game BBQ with other Cicerone alumni - let me know. I know various Exec Boards have talked about this for a long time - so I'd like to get the ball rolling if the interest is there.

Take care and GO GATORS!

Andy Fussner

Florida Cicerones/SAA - President