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Cristen Crager Calamari (as of May 2002)

Member Profile

Nickname(s) ~ n/a

Years of Cicerone Membership ~ 1998-99.

Cicerone Offices & Committee Chairs Held ~ n/a

Cicerone Awards & Recognition ~ n/a

Where I Live ~ Boston, MA.

My Phone Number ~ 617-547-3313.

My Birthday ~December 11.

Marital Status ~ Engaged. My fiance is now back in school getting his MBA at Harvard Business School. As a side note, he is busy conquering the extremely important world of intramural football.

Children ~ None.

Pets ~ One fish named Sadie. She was part of a set, but I killed her hubby within days of getting him (very tragic).

Education ~ UF College of Journalism (major in Broadcast News, double minor in Linguistics and Teaching English as a Second Language) - 1995-99.

Occupation ~ In the current state of economic "bliss", I am teaching Conversation at The New England School of English to non-native speakers. I am looking for television (or related) positions, but have not found the "jobby job" here in Boston..YET.

Additional Information ~ Recently moved from Denver to Cambridge, and would love to know about any Alumnae Clubs and/or Cicerone events up here..any info??

My E-mail Address ~

My Web Site ~ n/a