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Tim Barton

Member Profile

Nickname(s) ~ THe Dirty Sanchez to some, plain ole Dirty to most others.

Years of Cicerone Membership ~ 1997-whenever

Cicerone Offices & Committee Chairs Held ~ President's Host.

Cicerone Awards & Recognition ~ The Derek Bruce Most Enthusiastic Award - Fall 1999.

Where I Live ~ Vero Beach, FL.

My Phone Number ~ 561-569-2350.

My Birthday ~October 12.

Marital Status ~ Single; Dating.

Children ~ None. They have yet to be produced, but I am keeping them at moderate temperatures avoiding extreme humidity environments, and playing classical music and Depak Chaupra lectures at my nether region continuously throughout the day.

Pets ~ Fingahs, my gerbil, but he also counts as a partner, see marital status.

Education ~ starting my masters in Biomechanical Engineering at UF in Fall 2001.

Occupation ~ Culinary Planning Engineer, PF Changs, Tyson's Corner Mall, McClean, VA. Just completed a year long project with Boeing/NASA designing groundside/flightside equipment interface for the orbiter (the big white space ship).

Additional Information ~ Always take a few moments throughout your day to focus, relax, and cherish all that you have and all of those you have loved, for there is no greater accomplishment in this world than to be at peace with yourself and with those around you. Share a smile and a Coca-Cola Classic with the woman next to you, you never know what interesting things you may learn about her, and yourself at the same time. San Dimas High School Football RULES!!!!

My E-mail Address ~

My Web Site ~ n/a