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Renee Baiorunos

Member Profile

Nickname(s) ~ Nae.

Years of Cicerone Membership ~ 1998-2001.

Cicerone Offices & Committee Chairs Held ~ Community Service Chair & Selections Committee (98-99), Administrative VP (99-00), President (00-01) & Personal Host (00-01).

Cicerone Awards & Recognition ~ Cicerone Hall of Fame 2001.

Where I Live ~ Watertown, MA.

My Phone Number ~ n/a

My Birthday ~October 20.

Marital Status ~ Single.

Children ~ None.

Pets ~ My dog Bear is living it up with my parents in VA. She misses running on the Hawaii beaches, but she LOVES the VA rabbits (we all show love in our own way...).

Education ~ UF.

Occupation ~ In September, I'll start working for Ford Motor Company as a Zone Manager. No, I won't be fixing engines or selling cars, but maybe with some luck I can work in a few oil changes.

Additional Information ~ As of mid-August, I'll be living in Boston. If anyone's around that way let me know, I'd love to have visitors!

My E-mail Address ~

My Web Site ~ n/a