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Remember When?


    Given the infamous history of the Barb Bucket - it was only a matter of time before it generated a semesterly award. In the Fall of 1997, the Executive Board instituted the Most Barbed award to the one Cicerone who had good-naturedly taken the most hits from the Barb Bucket that semester. The award was named for the Cicerone alumnus for whom the Barb Bucket itself was named several semesters prior. Shelton Bridges was not only one of the most barbed Cicerones of all time, but also one of the premier barb writers as well. The award was discontinued in Fall of 2000 when the Alumni Association, in all of its wisdom, decided to outlaw the Barb Bucket from Cicerone meetings. Below is a partial list of past winners. If you have any corrections or information about past award winners of this or any other award, please email the site administrator.

  • Spring 2001 - N/A
  • Fall 2000 - N/A
  • Spring 2000 - Ashley Burns
  • Fall 1999 - John Prible
  • Spring 1999 - Marc Inglese
  • Fall 1998 - Marc Inglese
  • Spring 1998 - ?
  • [no award prior to this semester]