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Diana Alvear

Member Profile

Nickname(s) ~ n/a

Years of Cicerone Membership ~ 1997-1999.

Cicerone Offices & Committee Chairs Held ~ President's Host, Student-Athlete Forum Director, hmmm, other random things.

Cicerone Awards & Recognition ~ Most Tours.

Where I Live ~ Miami Lakes, FL

My Phone Number ~ 305-724-5994.

My Birthday ~May 14.

Marital Status ~ Dating.

Children ~ None.

Pets ~ n/a

Education ~ UF - Political Science Major with minors in Mass Comm and Women's Studies.

Occupation ~ I am a development officer at the United Way of Miami-Dade. I run corporate campaigns, ask for lots of money and help run the Women's Leadership Initiative.

Additional Information ~ I'm seriously considering that whole LAW thing. I ran a marathon in June 2000. Jen Elliott is still a little bit nutty, only now she's transfered that wackiness to NYC. Hopefully, that's where I'll join her. Tim Barton is still Tim Barton. That's a good thing!

My E-mail Address ~

My Web Site ~ n/a