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Jason Alpert

Member Profile

Nickname(s) ~ n/a

Years of Cicerone Membership ~ 1993-1996.

Cicerone Offices & Committee Chairs Held ~ Executive Vice President 95-96.

Cicerone Awards & Recognition ~ Outstanding Cicerone 95/96 (Although, for some reason, the Fuss was co-outstanding - it is still under protest!)

Where I Live ~ Tallahassee, FL

My Phone Number ~ 850-510-2626

My Birthday ~May 27

Marital Status ~ Single.

Children ~ None.

Pets ~ n/a

Education ~ n/a

Occupation ~ I am a sports anchor/reporter at the CBS station in the middle of the Seminole Nation. I have tried to bring as much Orange and Blue love to Tallahassee, but it's not easy. Have no fear, I still cringe at the sight of the spear.

Additional Information ~ n/a

My E-mail Address ~

My Web Site ~ n/a